Week of Geek: Happy Star Wars Day!

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May the Fourth be with you Geeklings!

In honor of one of the most epic of fandom days, we’ve got items to check out that’ll make any May 4th even more epic.  See my last post on the subject for great reading and watching lists, in chronological order.  A couple of stand outs to try is Rogue One, which is the newest Star Wars movie to arrive in our collection.  There’s YA books like Lost Stars and Ahsoka, and some junior books like this new series called Join the Resistance (written by the guys who write one of my favorite podcasts) and this Rogue One tie-in.  I’m halfway through Thrawn and it is AWESOME, so there’s my personal recommendation.  There’s video games too and just… so much more.

And though I posted it already, let’s watch the trailer for The Last Jedi again!


And here’s a brand new animated clip that is simply adorable.

BB-8’s the best!

May the force be with you!  Don’t forget to sign up for this Saturday’s Escape the Library program (it’s going to be epic!) and until next time, End of Line.

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