Week of Geek Bonus: Revenge of the Fifth

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One more Star Wars day for you, and things areĀ getting a little… dark side-y šŸ˜‰

One Response to “Week of Geek Bonus: Revenge of the Fifth”

  1. BNuts Says:

    Thrawn was been my favourite ‘Star Wars’ villain ever since I read ‘Heir to the Empire:’ He relies on information and respect inspiring loyalty instead of superweapons and fear. I’m glad Disney decided to bring him in, although I am afraid of them doing him a wrong turn.

    But there’s always a bigger fish, isn’t there? Thrawn, like the other Chiss, was on guard against the Yuuzhan Vong and other extra-galactic threats.

    And then there’s Abeloth, the dark side being who nearly forced both the New Jedi Order and the Lost Tribe of the Sith into submission, all while she gained the highest seat of power in the Galactic Alliance. Hers was a power to be feared, and to think she was once the Mother on Mortis.