The Name of this Book is Secret (The Secret Series, Book 1)

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The Name of this Book is SecretIn the first book РThe Name of this Book is Secret Рof this thrilling series written by the mysterious author, Pseudonymous Bosch, the story is told from the interesting perspective of an omniscient, omnipresent author with an unknown identity. Our eleven-year-old protagonists, Cassandra and Max-Ernest, are unalike in every way yet they form a dynamic duo and soon embark on a load of adventures.

In the beginning of the book, Cass’s mother goes on a vacation and leaves Cass with her substitute grandfathers. When a real estate agent brings some junk to the old fire station where Cass is living for the meantime, a strange box filled with vials of catches her attention. After hearing that it belonged to a magician who suddenly disappeared, Cass and Max-Ernest go to the house to secretly explore it.

Along the way, they almost get caught doing so by the story’s antagonists – the suspicious Ms. Mauvais (which literally means Ms. Bad!) and Dr. L. This rich, beautiful, but creepy couple always wear white gloves on their hands and they want something from Cass and Max. Throughout the story, they face the abduction of an unusual classmate, a horrifying discovery, and uncover a secret that will change their lives forever.

This is one of my all-time favourite books because it’s an easy yet interesting read. It’s very light-hearted, as the author leaves funny and quirky footnotes that sometimes give you more information. The author tells the story in a way that makes it seem like the author is a¬†friend, instead of a detached lecturer, which gives the books a friendly, relatable element. The author’s real name is unknown – the name given is obviously a pseudonym (haha) – making everything more mysterious and enthralling.

The whole theme of ‘secrets’ is absolutely wonderful and captures the reader entirely. Set a good pace, the book will make you laugh and maybe even cry (perhaps more so later on in the series). Although anyone can read it, I would highly recommend this for a younger audience as there is a pretty bubbly, almost childish vibe. Perfect for grade 5-7.

Don’t miss out on this phenomenal book (and it’s sequels too) that will leave an astonishing impression in your heart and memory.

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