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Week of Geek: Hillywood goes Supernatural yet again

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Hiya Geeklings!  Hope everyone’s staying dry.

I got something fun for you this week.  One of my favorite YouTube fandom parody musical teams, The Hillywood Show (I’ve mentioned them before), released a new video this week.  I’m super stoked not just for the new vid but also because it looks like the Hillywood duo is coming to Fan Expo this year *squeal*  For their latest project they decided to revisit Supernatural, except this time we’re getting retro and busting some ghosts.

It’s the mashup we didn’t know we needed but I’m so glad it exists.

One thing I love about Hillywood’s Supernatural videos is that the actors from Supernatural are totally willing to get involved as well.  Go ahead, count ’em, there’s so many!

And be sure to take a look at their last Hunting video.

That’s all for now Geeklings.  Get ready for Vaughan Fan Con coming in just over a month.  It’s the last week of the Teen Challenge so keep up the awesome work and don’t forget to sign up for the End of Summer Party happening this Saturday night at Pierre Berton.  Have an awesome week and until next time, End of Line.

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Week of Geek: 2 Iconic Ghost-Hunting Shows, Together at Last!

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What up Geeklings?  How’s the last week been?  I just got back from Philadelphia, so I’m ready to keep regaling you all on what we should be excited for in the world of pop culture.

Anyhoo, we’ve got a crossover to end all crossovers this week.  Supernatural, the reigning show about good looking people fighting scary stuff, is in it’s lucky 13th season, and the Winchesters and company have been through all kinds of adventures over the years.  Well, in this week’s episode, things get animated for a classic cartoon crossover, and not just any cartoon; we’re talking the original monster hunters and their talking, snack loving dog.  Yup, Supernatural is crossing over with Scooby-Doo!, and they’re calling it “Scoobynatural“.

Look at this!  LOOK AT IT!  It’s adorable!   The Winchesters, Castiel and the honest-to-goodness Scooby Gang!  In an official crossover!  I am officially dying!

One of the most famous properties to come out of the Hanna-Barbera Production company, Scooby-Doo! first premiered all the way back in 1969, and has been a steady presence on TV ever since, both in reruns and in a variety of newer series.  You’ve got the stylish (for the 1960s) and earnest Fred and Daphne, the brainy Velma, the slacker and voracious eater Shaggy and the talking Great Dane Scooby Doo, and they drive around in their brightly colored Mystery Machine solving mysteries.  If you watched TV as a kid, chances are you watched Scooby-Doo! at some point (I know I did).

And now you’ve got the somewhat way more serious Team Free Will showing up in this universe?  With their black Ford Impala, rock salt and penchant for low-level swearing?  This is gonna get real interesting real fast.

Here’s the real question though.  As much as the Scooby Gang solve mysteries featuring ghosts and other creatures that go bump in the night, ghosts and monsters don’t actually exist in the Scooby universe.  It’s always a perfectly human criminal trying to make themselves look like something scary in order to keep people away or find a treasure or whatever, and they would’ve totally have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.  In the world of Supernatural though… ghosts be real.  Monsters be real.  All manner of dangerous and mythical creatures be real.  How will the Mystery Machine teens deal with something like that?  Heck, they meet Castiel, and he’s an honest-to-goodness angel.  It’s going to blow their minds and I almost literally cannot wait.  Mostly I just want to see everyone do the funny chase scene that inevitably shows up in a Scooby episode.

So where to watch?  Well, if you have cable, you can check it out this Thursday night on Space.  If you have access to American channels it’ll be on the CW.  We will eventually get the full season here in the library when it’s released on DVD/Blu ray, though it might take a while for that to happen.  In the meantime, catch up on Sam and Dean’s trials and tribulations, and also give Scooby a try.  May I recommend Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, which has gorgeous animation and a great, creepy retro vibe.  Or Be Cool Scooby-Doo!, which has a new take on the style of the characters and is just flat-out hilarious (plus, I love what they did with Daphne in that one).

Happy hunting Geeklings, whether dramatic or cartoony, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek: Can you be a fan of something if you haven’t seen/read it?

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Ooooooooooh… tough question.  And not one easily answered.

It was Supernatural that made me ponder this puzzlement recently, the show that has a gif for everything.  This week they’ll air what you call a ‘backdoor pilot‘ (find some examples here) in order to introduce their new spin off series Wayward Sisters, a female-driven monster hunting show *squeal*!

I am excited by this news, and I consider myself a Hunter (a Supernatural fan; there might be other names for them).  But then… I remembered that I really haven’t seen much of it.  It’s currently airing it’s 13th season and I stopped regularly watching around season 4.  There is almost a decade worth of episodes I haven’t seen, just the odd ep here and there.  So… am I still in the club?

And it’s not just with Supernatural either.  It’s the same situation with a lot of shows.  Or books.  Or film series.  Many things started, but not finished… or not even started yet.  Still, all of these shows or books or movies are ones I build Pinterest boards around and find wallpaper for my computers and wear the jewelry and the tshirts.

Does the fact that I’ve even seen them at all make me a fan?  A true fan?  Does looking for pics and memes on Pinterest mean I’m still a fan?  Some fans would say no.  There are fans out there who are VERY protective of their fandoms.  Ones who have seen every episode or read every book ad infinitum.  And there are some fans who feel that doing that gives them dominion over a fandom.  That they’re the true fans, the ones who really know the show or the character or the book, and everyone else are just posers or ‘Fake Fans’.

But here’s what might be a more important question than the ones I asked above; Am I thinking WAY too hard about this and should just enjoy a franchise however I want?

I think we all know the answer to that.  The fact of the matter is that there is NO SUCH THING as a fake fan.  I mean really, no one has dominion over how much you love something. You found something you like, and it should be up to you to like it however you want.  Go forth and be plentiful!

There, question answered.  But if you do want to read or watch something, you know where to find us.

I’ll be off next week Geeklings, so have a great week, see you soon, and until next time, End of Line.