Romantic Fairy Tales

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Romantic Fairy Tales




Flinn, Alex / YA FIC Flinn 2011

Kyle is far from beastly when viewed from without, but his attitude is an entirely different matter, in this urban take on Beauty and the Beast. Kyle gets his comeuppance from a goth girl after he humiliates her at the high school dance and earns her curses.




Napoli, Donna Jo / YA-PB Napol

In this Cinderella tale set during China’s Ming period, Xing Xing has become “hardly more than a slave” since her beloved father’s death. When a trip takes Xing Xing into the winder world, she returns to find home more treacherous than before.



CinderellaCinderella (As If You Didn’t Already Know the Story)

Ensor, Barbara / J 398.2 Cinde

A modern-day Cinderella writes letters about her miserable living situation to her deceased mother in this lighthearted account of the familiar tale.





Levine, Gail Carson / J-PB Levin

In this take on Snow White, the queen manages to take credit for Aza’s glorious voice and impress the new king and his courtiers. Eventually Aza grows tired of the charade, having gained self-confidence in a world that is obsessed by appearances.



The Goose GirlThe Goose Girl

Hale,Shannon / YA FIC Hale

Princess Anidori collects allies in unlikely places after her lady-in-waiting steals her identity and her guards betray her. Becoming a goose girl, Ani searches for a way to reclaim her name and prove her worth.




If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince?

Kantor, Melissa / YA Fic Kanto

Lucy’s father’s new marriage forces her to move from San Francisco to Long Island, where she is assigned a room in the unfinished basement. Romance is in the air for this princess, though, and she ends up torn between a jock and an artist.




Midnight PearlsMidnight Pearls: a retelling of the little mermaid

Viguie, Debbie / YA-PB Vigui

Pearl is a strange, pale, silvery girl who was rescued from the sea as a baby. A lifelong misfit, she has secretly befriended the handsome Prince James. Their growing love is challenged by political tensions and by a mysterious ocean curse, and Pearl must face up to her real origins.




Rose and the beastThe Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold

Block, Francesca Lia / 398.2 Block

Taking inspiration from Cinderella, Rose Red and Rose White, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Thumbelina, and other familiar fairy-tale characters, Block places nine tales amid the seductive but often tawdry allure of modern-day Los Angeles.



Sisters RedSisters Red

Pearce, Jackson / YA FIC Pearc

Rosie and Scarlett March have devoted their lives to hunting the Fenris, werewolves who live to hint down girls like the Marches themselves. Rosie owes her life to Scarlett, but finds herself restless, and is drawn to Scarlett’s huntsman friend Silas.




Spindles EndSpindle’s End

McKinley, Robin / YA FIC McKin

McKinley’s spin on Sleeping Beauty follows the traditional tale, with a wicked fairy cursing the infant princess Rosie at her name-day ceremony. Rosie’s close friendship with an orphan girl plays a major role.




Howard, A.G. / YA FIC Howar

Alyssa Gardner is the descendant of Alice Liddell, the real-life inspiration for the Alice in Wonderland books. When the hallucinations she inherited from her mother turn out to be real, Alyssa winds up caught between her best friend and first love Jeb, and the dark and mysterious Morpheus, a denizen of Wonderland. \



Sun and Moon, Ice and SnowSun and Moon, Ice and Snow

George, Jessica Day / YA-PB Georg

Infused with Norse mythology, this fantasy about a young woman leaving home to live with an ice bear is based on “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” and features mystery, adventure, the supernatural, and a touch of love.



Tigers curseTiger’s Curse

Houck, Colleen / YA FIC Houck

In this imaginative retelling of Beauty and the Beast, 18-year-old Kelsey Hayes takes a summer job with a circus where she meets a beautiful white tiger, who also just happens to be a beautiful prince under a curse.