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VPL cardholders can book time to independently use creation space equipment at the Civic Centre and Pierre Berton Resource Libraries. Our creation spaces encourage self discovery and self learning. Staff assistance is not provided, however, each kit comes with operating instructions.

The following equipment is available for bookings at the following creation spaces:

Make It! @ the Pierre Berton Resource Library 

iSense 3D Scanner (learn how to use it)

Green Screen Kit: cameras, tripods, voice recorder, laptop with SparkoCam  (learn how to use it)

littleBits Arduino Coding Kit

Arduino Uno (learn how to use it)

Silhouette Cameo (vinyl cutter)

Create It! @ the Civic Centre Resource Library

Structure Sense 3D Scanner (learn how to use it)

Oculus Rift (virtual reality)

Creative Workstation (includes full Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X)


In order to make a booking:

  • Print and complete the Customer Agreement Form and return it on your first booking Download Customer Agreement Form.
  • Fill out the Booking Form at the bottom of this page.
  • Read the rules and guidelines below:
    • Bookings made at least 3 days in advance are strongly encouraged. Drop-in bookings will be accepted given the availability of equipment.
    • Each booking is limited to 2 hours per day (with the exception of 1 hour for the Oculus Rift).
    • All users of the Oculus Rift must be at least 13 years of age and must read and adhere to all Health & Safety Guidelines.
    • Only material supplied by the library may be used with the Silhouette Cameo (vinyl cutter).


Silhouette Cameo (vinyl cutter)

$1.00 per 6 x 12 in. vinyl paper | $1.00 per 8.5 x 11 in. card-stock paper

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Please check your email and spam folder for confirmation of your reservation. Please allow 3 business days for processing.