Welcome to the VPL Virtual Science Fair!

From May 31st to June 30th your challenge is to engage in a scientific research project. Submit your project to be reviewed by a panel of judges for a chance to win awesome prizes. The Virtual Science Fair is open to participants in grades 3 to 12, and judging will be based on three age categories: Junior (grades 3 to 5), Intermediate (grades 6-8), and Senior (grades 9-12). You may participate as an individual or as a group of up to 4 people.

As this is a Virtual Science Fair, you are to prepare your project in a digital format that our judges can review virtually over the internet. This can be in the form of a poster, video, website, slideshow, skit, or whatever your imagination comes up with as long as it showcases your research on the topic.

What's the topic?

Your project can be about anything you wish to scientifically explore, as long as you adhere to the top-secret topic: How can we have a positive impact on the environment and our home?

Litter and waste are both significant issues that the world faces. To have a positive impact on the environment, Vaughan has begun collecting organics in their multi-residential buildings. How can we follow their example and have a positive impact on the environment and our home?

What are the prizes?

The prizes this year will be as follows:

Junior: KiwiCo Cannonball Launcher Kit

Intermediate: KiwiCo Astronaut Starter Kit

Senior: KiwiCo Headphones Kit

Prizes image

Where do I start?

Be sure to view the full Rules & Regulations and Guides & Tips. If you need assistance you may reach out to us at tommy.sunthorn@vaughan.ca You have till June 30th to submit your project. Good luck!

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