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CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst certification passport (exam CS0-002) / Rogers, Bobby E.
CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst certification passport (exam CS0-002)
Computer networks -- Security measures -- Examinations -- Study guides.
Computer security -- Examinations -- Study guides
Electronic data processing personnel -- Certification -- Study guides
Computer security equipment industry -- Certification -- Study guides.

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CompTIA PenTest+ certification for dummies / Clarke, Glen E.
PenTest+ certification for dummies
The CompTIA PenTest+ certification assures an employer that you have the knowledge and skills needed to plan an assessment, perform penetration testing, analyze data, report results, and a whole lot more. This book, with its free online test bank and over 40 lab exercises, helps you gain real-world skills and prepare for the PenTest+ certification exam. You'll find everything you need to know plus a map to the exam objectives, test-taking tips, and samples of the questions you should expect on the test. --Back cover.

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Flutter / Burd, Barry
Flutter for dummies
Flutter is an open source developer's tool used to create mobile apps that work on both iOS and Android using a single codebase.

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Hands on hacking / Arcuri, Jennifer.
Cover subtitle:
Hands-On Hacking teaches readers to see through the eyes of their adversary and apply hacking techniques to better understand real-world risks to computer networks and data. Readers will benefit from the author's years of experience in the field hacking into computer networks and ultimately training others in the art of cyber-attacks. This book holds no punches and explains the tools, tactics and procedures used by ethical hackers and criminal crackers alike. We will take you on a journey through a hacker's perspective when focused on the computer infrastructure of a target company, exploring how to access the servers and data. Once the information gathering stage is complete, you'll look for flaws and their known exploits--including tools developed by real-world government financed state-actors. We cover topics of breaching a company from the external network perimeter, hacking internal enterprise systems and web application vulnerabilities. Delving into the basics of exploitation with real-world practical examples, you won't find any hypothetical academic only attacks here. From start to finish this book will take the student through the steps necessary to breach an organization to improve its security. Written by world-renowned cybersecurity experts and educators, Hands-On Hacking teaches entry-level professionals seeking to learn ethical hacking techniques. If you are looking to understand penetration testing and ethical hacking, this book takes you from basic methods to advanced techniques in a structured learning format.

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Implementing cryptography using Python / Bray, Shannon

Cryptography is, quite simply, what makes security and privacy in the digital world possible. Tech professionals, including programmers, IT admins, and security analysts, need to understand how cryptography works to protect users, data, and assets. Implementing Cryptography Using Python will teach you the essentials, so you can apply proven cryptographic tools to secure your applications and systems. Because this book uses Python, an easily accessible language that has become one of the standards for cryptography implementation, you'll be able to quickly learn how to secure applications and data of all kinds. In this easy-to-read guide, well-known cybersecurity expert Shannon Bray walks you through creating secure communications in public channels using public-key cryptography. You'll also explore methods of authenticating messages to ensure that they haven't been tampered with in transit. Finally, you'll learn how to use digital signatures to let others verify the messages sent through your services.

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Introduction to machine learning with Python : a guide for data scientists / Guido, Sarah

Data mining
Programming languages (Electronic computers)
Python (Computer program language)

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Java all-in-one / Lowe, Doug
Java all-in-one for dummies
A guide to the computer language covers such topics as object-oriented programming, strings and arrays, files and databases, and web programming.

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Practical recommender systems / Falk, Kim.

Summary Online recommender systems help users find movies, jobs, restaurants--even romance! There's an art in combining statistics, demographics, and query terms to achieve results that will delight them. Learn to build a recommender system the right way: it can make or break your application! Practical Recommender Systems explains how recommender systems work and shows how to create and apply them for your site. After covering the basics, you'll see how to collect user data and produce personalized recommendations. You'll learn how to use the most popular recommendation algorithms and see examples of them in action on sites like Amazon and Netflix. Finally, the book covers scaling problems and other issues you'll encounter as your site grows. About the technology Recommender systems are everywhere, helping you find everything from movies to jobs, restaurants to hospitals, even romance. Using behavioral and demographic data, these systems make predictions about what users will be most interested in at a particular time, resulting in high-quality, ordered, personalized suggestions. Recommender systems are practically a necessity for keeping your site content current, useful, and interesting to your visitors. What's inside >/p> How to collect and understand user behavior Collaborative and content-based filtering Machine learning algorithms Real-world examples in Python About the reader Readers need intermediate programming and database skills. About the author Kim Falk is an experienced data scientist who works daily with machine learning and recommender systems.

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Programming AWS lambda : build and deploy serverless applications with Java / Chapin, John.

Serverless is a revolution in the way organizations build and deploy software. With this hands-on guide, Java engineers will learn how to use their language experience in the new world of serverless computing. You'll discover how this cloud computing model can drastically reduce the complexity in developing and operating applications while reducing costs and time to market.

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Python and SQL programming : this book includes: "Python coding and SQL coding for beginners" / Coding, Tony.

Computer programming
Python (Computer program language)
SQL (Computer program language)