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I have something to say : mastering the art of public speaking in an age of disconnection / Bowe, John

"In eleventh grade, John Bowe's cousin Bill asked a classmate to prom. She said no. Bill responded by moving to the family basement--and staying there for the next forty-three years. But in 1992, at the age of fifty-nine, Bill surprised everyone who knew him: He got married. Bowe learned that Bill credited his turnaround to a non profit club he'd joined called Toastmasters International. Fascinated by the idea that speech training seemed to foster the kind of psychological well-being more commonly sought through expensive psychiatric treatment, and intrigued by the notion that words could serve as medicine-- healing the shy, connecting the disconnected, and mending our frayed social fabric--Bowe sets out to learn for himself what he'd gathered from so many others: When you learn to speak in public, you undergo a profound transformation that has very little to do with standing at a podium. Through his own Toastmasters journey, Bowe learns much more than how to overcome the nervousness associated with giving a speech. He learns that public speaking is really about the audience--it's the art of paying attention. Ultimately, Bowe finds that the key to eloquence, to overcoming shyness, is not mastering one's self or one's fears, but honing one's ability to empathize, pay attention to other people, and connect"--Provided by publisher.

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Imagine you are an aluminum atom : discussions with Mr. Aluminum / Exley, Christopher.

Aluminum -- Physiological effect.
Aluminum -- Health aspects.
Aluminum in the body.
Aluminum -- Toxicology.

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It's about damn time : how to turn being underestimated into your greatest advantage / Hamilton, Arlan.

New business enterprises
Success in business
Hamilton, Arlan.
Minority businesswomen.

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Just don't be an assh*le : a surprisingly necessary guide to being a good guy / Cartwright, Kara Kinney.
Just do not be an asshole
Men -- Conduct of life
Self-actualization (Psychology)

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Life after COVID-19 : lessons from past pandemics / Gordon, Bob (Robert)

Communicable diseases -- History
Epidemics -- History
World health
World politics
COVID-19 (Disease)
COVID-19 (Disease) -- Economic aspects.
COVID-19 (Disease) -- Political aspects.

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Long live the Queen! : 23 rules for living from Britian's longest-reigning monarch / Kozlowski, Bryan.

Eat like a queen -- Work like a queen -- Play like a queen -- Think like a queen -- Love like a queen -- Age like a queen.

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Overcome the challenges of cancer care : how to avoid pitfalls on the path to healing / Rosenberg, Stephen A.

"A friendly, easy-to-read guide for cancer patients and their loved ones when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. This book will help patients, loved ones, friends and family recognize the pitfalls of a cancer diagnosis and how to avoid them to get the best care possible during their cancer journey"--Provided by publisher.

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Plant-based intermittent fasting : recipes and meal plans for sustained weight loss, a healthy metabolism, and clarity of mind / Limon, Libby.

Cooking (Natural foods)
Intermittent fasting
Reducing diets
Vegan cooking
Weight loss

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PTSD guide : mental health recovery / Leblanc, Lise.
Mental health recovery, PTSD guide
Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Radical uncertainty : decision-making beyond the numbers / Kay, J. A. (John Anderson)

"In a changing world, forecasts and numbers usually represent bogus quantification. Kay and King tell us how to think smarter. Radical uncertainty changes the way we should think about decision-making. For over half a century economics has assumed that people behave rationally by optimizing among well-defined choices. Behavioral economics questioned how far people are rational, pointing to the cognitive biases that seem to describe actual behavior. Radical Uncertainty is a bold, paradigm-shifting book that takes us past standard and behavioral economics, completely shifting our understanding of the role economics can play in decision-making. We can never have the information required to optimize. But the failure to come to terms with this reality has led us to build our largest financial organizations, develop major policy decisions, and create business structures on shifting sands-the false belief that the numbers provided by economic models give us the answer. They don't. The best managers in the public and private sectors rely on narratives, not numbers"--Provided by publisher.