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Light perpetual : a novel / Spufford, Francis

A novel set in 1944 London imagines the lives of five children who perished during a bombing at a local store, tracing their everyday dramas as they live through the extraordinary, unimaginable changes of twentieth-century London.

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Love next door / Hunting, Helena.

Dillon Stitch returns home to Pearl Lake and notices she has a new neighbor, Donovan.

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Miss Kopp investigates / Stewart, Amy

"Life after the war takes an unexpected turn for the Kopp sisters, but soon enough, they are putting their unique detective skills to use in new and daring ways"--Provided by publisher.

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Once upon a time in Hollywood : a novel / Tarantino, Quentin

Once he had his own TV series, but now Rick Dalton's a washed-up villain-of-the week drowning his sorrows in whiskey sours. Will a phone call from Rome save his fate or seal it? Cliff Booth is Rick's stunt double, and the most infamous man on any movie set because he's the only one there who might have gotten away with murder. Sharon Tate left Texas to chase a movie-star dream, and found it. Sharon's salad days are now spent on Cielo Drive, high in the Hollywood Hills. The ex-con Charles Manson's got a bunch of zonked-out hippies thinking he's their spiritual leader, but he'd trade it all to be a rock 'n' roll star.

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Say goodbye / Rose, Karen

For decades, Eden has remained hidden in the remote wilds of the Pacific Northwest, Pastor keeping his cult's followers in thrall for his personal profit and sexual pleasures. But the Founding Elders are splintering, and Pastor's surrogate son, DJ, is scheming to make it all his own. When two of Eden's newest members send out a cry for help, it reaches FBI special agent Tom Hunter, whose friend and fellow FBI special agent Gideon Reynolds and his sister, Mercy, are themselves escapees of the Eden cult, their lives in danger from the Founding Elders who want them silenced forever. The three have vowed to find the cult and bring it down, and now, they finally have a solid lead. Neutralizing Eden's threat will ensure Tom's new friends can live without fear and will save those who are being held there against their will. But his own fear spikes when his best friend, ex-Army combat medic Liza Barkley, joins the case, putting her life-- and their blossoming love-- in danger. With everything they hold dear in the balance, Tom and Liza, together with Gideon and Mercy, must end Eden once and for all.

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Sooley / Grisham, John

"New York Times bestselling author John Grisham takes you to a different kind of court in his first basketball novel. Samuel "Sooley" Sooleymon is a raw, young talent with big hoop dreams...and even bigger challenges off the court. In the summer of his seventeenth year, Samuel Sooleymon gets the chance of a lifetime: a trip to the United States with his South Sudanese teammates to play in a showcase basketball tournament. He has never been away from home, nor has he ever been on an airplane. The opportunity to be scouted by dozens of college coaches is a dream come true. Samuel is an amazing athlete, with speed, quickness, and an astonishing vertical leap. The rest of his game, though, needs work, and the American coaches are less than impressed. During the tournament, Samuel receives devastating news from home: A civil war is raging across South Sudan, and rebel troops have ransacked his village. His father is dead, his sister is missing, and his mother and two younger brothers are in a refugee camp. Samuel desperately wants to go home, but it's just not possible. Partly out of sympathy, the coach of North Carolina Central offers him a scholarship. Samuel moves to Durham, enrolls in classes, joins the team, and prepares to sit out his freshman season. There is plenty of more mature talent and he isn't immediately needed. But Samuel has something no other player has: a fierce determination to succeed so he can bring his family to America. He works tirelessly on his game, shooting baskets every morning at dawn by himself in the gym, and soon he's dominating everyone in practice. With the Central team losing and suffering injury after injury, Sooley, as he is nicknamed, is called off the bench. And the legend begins. But how far can Sooley take his team? And will success allow him to save his family? Gripping and moving, Sooley showcases John Grisham's unparalleled storytelling powers in a whole new light. This is Grisham at the top of his game"--Provided by publisher.

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Talk to me : a novel / Boyle, T. Coraghessan

When animal behaviorist Guy Schermerhorn demonstrates on a TV game show that he has taught Sam, his juvenile chimp, to speak in sign language, Aimee Villard, an undergraduate at Guy's university, is so taken with the performance that she applies to become his assistant. A romantic and intellectual attachment soon morphs into an interspecies love triangle that pushes hard at the boundaries of consciousness and the question of what we know and how we know it.

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The charm offensive : a novel / Cochrun, Alison.

Bisexuality -- Fiction.
Dating shows (Television programs) -- Fiction.
Dating (Social customs) -- Fiction
Gay men -- Fiction
Humorous fiction
Interpersonal relations -- Fiction
Reality television programs -- Fiction
Romance fiction
Television producers and directors -- Fiction
Mental health -- Fiction.

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The curveball : a story of grit, adversity, and winning the game of life / Sharma, Colby.

A didactic story about a down-on-his luck baseball player who learns how to transform his life.

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The dig / Preston, John

Archaeologists -- Fiction
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Fiction
Great Britain -- History -- George VI, 1936-1952 -- Fiction.
Historical fiction
Suffolk (England) -- Fiction.
Women landowners -- Fiction
Local officials and employees -- Fiction.
Sutton Hoo Ship Burial (England) -- Fiction.