What’ll it be? – Sworn to Silence

I’m still trying to work through my long book list of deactivated holds.  I keep finding book reviews that sound interesting so I need to cross off some of the books on my list by reading them.  Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo is another book that’s been on that list for a number of months and since its been a while since I last read a mystery that wasn’t a cozy mystery, I thought I would give it a try.

16 years ago, 4 young women were raped and murdered in Painters Mill, a rural town with both English and Amish residents, but the killer was never caught.  Kate Burkholder was a survivor of the Slaughterhouse Killer but as a result of her experience, she left her Amish family and became a police officer.  Kate returned to Painters Mill when she was offered the job as chief of police.  When a young woman’s body is found with eerie similarities to those four murders victims, everyone thinks that killer is back.  To solve this new murder, will Kate have to betray her roots and tell her darkest secret, an act that would destroy her life?

I was intriguid by the plot but wasn’t sure if I would like it because it’s a thriller.  I must admit that it was a little too gory for me and it just confirmed for me that I really do prefer my mysteries cozy!  The mystery itself was compelling and I wanted to know who did it, even if I didn’t want to read to about what the killer did.  I like the characters and was pleased to learn that the second book to feature Kate is called Pray for Silence and was published this month.  The library doesn’t have it yet, but you can add your name to the hold list.  I liked the characters enough that I’ll try reading it sometime in the future, but I think that I need to wait a good number of months before venturing out of the cozy mystery genre again.