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Really (truly!) enjoyable books about math

A jumble of mathematical symbols in black on a blue and white backgroundHere is a lesser known fact about me: a long time ago, in what feels very much like a past life, I was a math major. In fact, I have a degree in mathematics to show for it!

And yes, I love math. I really do. I love the beauty and patterns that can be found in numbers, and I really love the weird abstract corners of math that deal with knots and multi-dimensional objects.

I also have a thing for reading books about math that are meant for non-math people – I like to make a game of seeing how long it takes before they jump the shark and become inaccessible to a general audience, to be honest! But every now and then. I find a gem that actually does what it claims to do (or at least, I think so!) Here’s the best of the best, as far as I can tell:

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