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Secretary Smash


Screenshot: Nintendo

Much to the delight of myself I am continuing to publish my very deep thoughts on the various fighters included within SSBU.

Isabelle, from beloved Animal Crossing fame, makes her debut as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In SSB4 Isabelle appeared as an assist trophy but now, to the delight of all, she can Smash with the best of them. Also, in my humble opinion, she should be classified as a S-ranked character, as hitting Isabelle might be a legitimate criminal offense in some countries. Look at her and you will see that I am right.

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PK Fire

nessAs requested by my lovely co-worker I am continuing my foray into Smash characters… Alyssia, if you didn’t think I would follow through you have gravely underestimated me.

As I contemplated which character I would write about on this fine winter day I decided it was Ness’ time to shine. (My heart called for Luigi but, frankly, if I write about Luigi it will turn into a heartfelt discussion about his character development, as well as my excitement for Luigi’s Mansion 3 in 2019 – the world just isn’t ready).

Anyways, back to Ness – Ness is a character that I find to be commonly underutilized in Smash. I remember encountering him in the original Smash on the N64, and facing off against him again in Melee. Sometimes the call of “PK FIRE” still haunts my dreams. Continue reading


SmashSmash is here for the holiday season so you may now once again either wreck (or be wrecked by) your family, as is tradition.  I myself am still feeling the sweet vindication over the fact that Kirby has come out as the sole survivor of the Nintendo Apocalypse in the game’s World of Light story mode. To this end, I can still remembering playing a Kirby game for the first time on the Nintendo 64, and experiencing the sheer cognitive dissonance involved with trying to ensure that my new strong, beautiful, and kind pink child survived the wrath of an eldritch monster that sought to consume Ripple Star. When people first see Kirby they think that he’s an adorable fluff character. This is simply not the case. For anyone who has ever played Smash they know that Kirby came here to conquer.

If you’d like to check-out the new (massive) roster of characters included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for yourself this season please have a look at our catalogue and make your wishes come true.