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Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness–Melissa Dahl

Do you cringe when you see that embarrassing photos from your teenage years on Cringeworthy: A Theory of AwkwardnessFacebook? Have you been on a date filled with unbearable silence? Did you ever go blank in the middle of a presentation with the audience staring at you? Being human is all about being awkward, and that’s ok.

Melissa Dahl takes on this underappreciated emotion and searched for the meaning behind it and how to come to term with it. Through a series of personal experience and professional research, Dahl came to the conclusion that awkward moments are universal; they can be opportunities for us to have better self-awareness and accept who you are. There are some really interesting psychology experiments as well as the author’s experience with improve class and Mortified show that made me to look at cringe-worthy moments differently.

This book is humorous, informative and a light read. Highly recommended–you will have new appreciation towards awkwardness.

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The Curious Lives of Human CadaversCADAVERS! Have I got you yet?

Mary Roach sure did! If you ever had any doubts about approaching this potentially daunting subject, let Roach sweep away all your doubts: she makes what might be an otherwise unsavory subject (for some, not all) into one from which you can’t quite tear yourself away. From discovering how much the average ribs can compress before the organs they protect are no longer exactly protected (2.75″, if you’re interested, p.88) to knowing all the different uses a cadaver might serve (apart from the aforementioned) and what took their place before (hello pigs! hello dogs! hello monkeys! to name a few. Though animal substitutes still serve in our place, sometimes alive rather than not. Take that how you will), Roach takes you through human cadaverhood in possibly the most approachable volume you’ll read. She litters the entire book with smart quips and witty remarks, both in the main text as well as in the copious footnotes, which I strongly advise you not to overlook, and renders the lives – if they may be referred to as such? – of human cadavers into stories in their own right, taking them through adventures where their physical safety is imperiled or allowing them to find a nice plot of land in which to decay under varying conditions, entertaining the living every once in a while to show them how they’re faring. There’s never a dull moment as a human cadaver! Have I got you now?

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Scrappy, Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Cover of BookI was so excited when Scrappy, Little Nobody came for me! I started reading it right away and could not put it down! In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect since Anna Kendrick doesn’t often reveal much about her personal life in her interviews. However, she tells countless stories in this book that are so vivid and detailed. Sometimes, I wondered how she could remember all of what has happened to her, but then, I realized that she’s lived through such exciting and thrilling experiences that could not be forgotten!

What I truly appreciated from reading this book is that Anna was completely honest and direct from beginning to end. I learned that although Anna is a famous and talented actress now, she doesn’t let the fame get to her. She doesn’t want to feel entitled, and will always feel uncomfortable about her appearance, home, and money. She not only explains her struggles as an actress, but even while she was not cast in productions. She expresses her sincere thoughts and feelings, especially when talking about her family, boyfriends, and roommates. Telling stories about these people in her life and some of the experiences she went through reminds me that she has ups and downs like anyone else.

So, you want to know more about Anna’s life? Read her book! If you’re like me, you will admire Anna Kendrick even more, which I didn’t even know was possible!