Secretary Smash


Screenshot: Nintendo

Much to the delight of myself I am continuing to publish my very deep thoughts on the various fighters included within SSBU.

Isabelle, from beloved Animal Crossing fame, makes her debut as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In SSB4 Isabelle appeared as an assist trophy but now, to the delight of all, she can Smash with the best of them. Also, in my humble opinion, she should be classified as a S-ranked character, as hitting Isabelle might be a legitimate criminal offense in some countries. Look at her and you will see that I am right.

Her final smash also has the ability to bring me to tears each time I am blessed enough to gaze upon it’s splendor. The image of Tom Nook and his nephews appearing from the ether to frantically build a town hall around my opponent, thereby trapping them within the confines of civic duty before the town hall physically EXPLODES and launches them (hopefully) off the map, is one that I reflect upon fondly. I am also very fond of her fishing rod as a multipurpose opponent snatcher (like a friendlier Scorpion from Mortal Kombat), as well as a last ditch recovery move for when you find yourself in dire straits. All in all, one should not discount Isabelle as a serious competitor when playing Smash, and the only time I may be even more excited to see her will be when the new Animal Crossing game debuts in 2019. Until then I will let Isabelle and Tom Nook continue to build their town hall within my heart.




2 thoughts on “Secretary Smash

  1. I literally only knew her as the girl that’s singing in that one viral tweet, glad I can put a name to a face (and voice).

    PS love this post series

    1. Don’t worry when Animal Crossing comes out we can play it – it’s in the vein of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon so I know you’ll love it.


      PPS If you have a request for who you’d like to see next I’m open to suggestions. I have a lot of feelings (as is evident)

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