PK Fire

nessAs requested by my lovely co-worker I am continuing my foray into Smash characters… Alyssia, if you didn’t think I would follow through you have gravely underestimated me.

As I contemplated which character I would write about on this fine winter day I decided it was Ness’ time to shine. (My heart called for Luigi but, frankly, if I write about Luigi it will turn into a heartfelt discussion about his character development, as well as my excitement for Luigi’s Mansion 3 in 2019 – the world just isn’t ready).

Anyways, back to Ness – Ness is a character that I find to be commonly underutilized in Smash. I remember encountering him in the original Smash on the N64, and facing off against him again in Melee. Sometimes the call of “PK FIRE” still haunts my dreams. Ness is actually an interesting character in Smash because, to my recollection, none of his Smash moves are actually utilized by his character in Mother 2. Though, to be fair, most of my memories of Mother 2 surround either the final boss battle (which is incredible, but also bananas) or finding and consuming burgers from the trash in order to regain health – it’s a great game with a lot of range. In regards to the SSBU gameplay it appears as though Ness may have received a significant buff with increased damage output, as well as superior movement speed much to my delight. Ness is not one of my usual fighters, but I do have a soft spot for him, and I’m excited to see what he brings to Ultimate.