Life was good
before I
the monster.
was great,
for a little while.

Drugs. Sex. Bad decisions. Crank is “the monster,” and because of it, Kristina’s life will never be the same. This is her story.



Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez

Housekeeping is a tough job, especially if your boss is an insane wizard that takes joy in keeping his enemies alive, transforming them into different creatures, and imprisoning them in his castle . When Margle the Horrendous is accidentally devoured by one of his experiments, it is up to Nessy the kobold to keep the monsters, curses, and other unnamable horrors from overtaking the place. Armed with nothing but her sense of practicality and a group of allies in the form of a fruit bat, a wailing banshee, and a talking jar, the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against her but when it’s either fight back or face the prospect of unemployment it is really no choice at all. Awooo~~

Civic Centre Adult Book Club: Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?

From Anita Rau Badami, author of Tamarind Mem, comes Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?, a story of three women whose lives are, in different ways, thrust into separate trajectories by the 1947 Partition of  India and Pakistan, onto paths along which their very identities, both as Indians and as Canadians, come into question, and all of whose lives are, in one way or another, impacted by the devastating 1985 Air India 182 explosion. As the impact of terrorism continues to be felt around the world, perhaps the first thing we need, before flying headfirst into mindless solutions, is a constructive dialogue, an activity that seems all but lost in today’s political climate. Join us at the Civic Centre Resource Library’s Adult Book Club on November 14th at 7pm for one of the few places left where this kind of discussion still takes place.