Down-to-Read with Daniela: Love Times Three by Joe, Alina, Vicki, and Valerie Darger

Full Title:
Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage

Brooke Adams

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American, Autobiography, Memoir, Non-fiction, Religion

Meet Joe, Alina, Vicki and Valerie – a modern family with a twist! As Independent Fundamentalist Mormoms, polygamy is a key tenet of faith for the Darger family, who share their home with their 23 combined children. Alina, Vicki and Valerie are all “married” to Joe but he is only legally married to Alina. On the same day he also “married” Vicki. Some years later Vicki’s twin sister Valerie joined the family with her five children after experiencing a painful divorce.

The family, who experienced their fair share of hardships over the years, shares with readers the beginning of their families and their desire to be accepted in society. In an attempt to educate readers and de-stigmatize their lifestyle, the Dargers open up about all aspects of their lives, including jealousy, discrimination and many more personal challenges.

My Thoughts:
For fans of the TV shows Big Love or Sister Wives, Love Times Three is the next step toward making sense of a lifestyle that is both fascinating and immensely varied. Although this certainly was not the most well written book, it did not disappoint in its exploration of polygamy, providing a well rounded foundation of religious beliefs, in addition to the inevitable challenges of living the lifestyle.

The Dargers are a likeable family who reveal numerous details about their lives. From what I could tell, they are genuinely happy. At the end of the book, some of their eldest children share their thoughts on growing up in a polygamist family, and their opinion on carrying on the lifestyle. This is an interesting read from a human interest standpoint and definitely worth a check!

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