Down-to-Read with Daniela: Last Airlift by Marsha Skrypuch

Full Title:
Last Airlift: a Vietnamese orphan’s rescue from war

Historical Non-Fiction, Biography, Canadian

What does it mean to be eight years old living in an orphanage in a war torn country? How does it feel to be stricken with polio and watch healthy babies and children get adopted – while you are left behind? Marsha Skrypuch explores these questions and more in Last Airlift, the true story of a young girl’s unexpected rescue from a frightening fate.

Tuyet and 57 other babies and chldren will make the flight to Toronto in the spring of 1975. This is a journey that will change their lives forever, proving the resiliency of the human spirit and the deep human capacity for compassion and love.

My Thoughts:
Although intended for a children audience, Last Airlift is a pleasurable, fast paced book for readers of any age. Tuyet’s rescue is nothing short of miraculous. Skrypuch helps the reader see the journey through Tuyet’s eyes, from her brave attempt to eat “horrible slimy” Catalina salad dressing to the first bonding moments with her adoptive father.

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