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Angela is an Information Assistant at Pierre Berton Resource Library. She has a visual arts background and travelled to northern Canada on a whim to teach in First Nations reserves. Angela loves to paint and enjoys many other forms of art including photography

Celebrate National Aboriginal Day!

Fox Lake Cultural Week 2014Today is National Aboriginal Day. It is a day that is so full of spirit, so full of joy, and that holds a very special place in my life and heart. Three years ago, on a whim, I headed to northern Alberta to teach on a First Nations reserve. In Fox Lake, I found myself in an extremely  isolated area of Canada with limited access to groceries, without malls or coffee shops, and (*shock*) without cell phone service. I lived surrounded by pure nature. A vast birch tree forest, a river rich in red clay, wild horses in my backyard, and a sky full of northern lights. This was my reality- a part of Canada that has been touched by so few. Continue reading

The Crossroads of Should and Must- a MUST read!


Should and Must

There are times in your life, when things- quotes, movies, people… or books- find you at the exact right moment.  A moment of fate. A life changing second.  A “meant-to-be” instance. This book did that. It found me, exactly when I needed it to.

I have tried to read many books about finding my creativity, about finding my passions, about finding myself. If I am honest, I admit that I struggled in reading those books. I skimmed through them, I let them sit around until they had to be returned, and I rarely finished reading them. It was tough, you know?

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