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Down-to-Read with Daniela: Get Real: What kind of world are you buying? by Mara Rockliff

Age Group:
Mature Youth

Non-Fiction, Social Awareness, Social Commentary, Self Help

Did you know that the average American kid is exposed to advertising messages more than 3000 times a day?

Did you know that when you pay for a chocolate bar, the cocoa farmer doesn’t even get four cents?

Did you know that in a single day, McDonald’s serves up enough waste to fill the Empire State Building?

Truths like these – and more – are exposed in Rockliff’s fascinating, disturbing and mind boggling book on modern society exposed.

My Thoughts:
What a great book and such an important read! Get Real is the kind of book that will really make you re-evaluate your consumer choices. It is bold and informative, without being preachy.

Borrow Get Real: What kind of world are you buying? from your local Vaughan library today!

On the Trail: Oak Ridges trail guidebook

Oak Ridges Trail Guidebook cover

Oak Ridges Trail Guidebook

Oak Ridges trail guidebook: a hiking trail along the Oak Ridges moraine

Spring is in the air. Time to get outside and investigate as birds return, shoots begin to appear and nature, once again, turns green.

Inside this guidebook, you will you find trail descriptions with scale maps for the 280 km of trail maintained by the Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA), a history of the Moraine and it’s inhabitants, a trail user’s guide as well as trail safety recommendations.

The hikes also reveal some hidden history.  Along 16th Sideroad between Jane and Keele you will see an entry point for one such area. Starting at Pine Farms (point of interest 11) on ORTA Map 2 is a trail that leads to a site which was once the country property of Henry Pellatt, original owner of Casa Loma in Toronto. As you walk the trail you will see a historic brick barn (point of interest 15) once owned by Pellatt as well as the vista across Mary Lake (point of interest 14), a kettle lake, formed when the glaciers retreated.

Check out the ORTA website for scheduled group hikes.

Riveting Raybourn

I admit I’m easily swayed by a British period piece; as per usual it was the cover of Deanna Raybourn’s “Silent in the Grave” that caught my eye.  But don’t let just a pretty dress sway your opinion, this book is an engaging Victorian mystery with a wee bit of Romance thrown in for good measure.


The book begins with the death of Lady Julia Grey’s husband (someone she admits she did not truly know or love) and later involves her enlisting the help of the mysterious and alluring private investigator Nicholas Brisbane.  As per the usual clichés of this genre, there is a growing attraction between the two, but solving the mystery takes the stage front and centre.

Although I had a pretty strong suspicion of “who done it,” the plot driven action (and lush descriptions of Victorian England) kept me glued until the end.  Even better, if you *do* get hooked, Silent in the Grave is the first in a series!