A Quiet Place

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I’m going to say it up front: I do not like scary movies.  As a kid, I once called my mom in the middle of a birthday party to come and pick me up because we were halfway through some horror movie and I could take no more!  In high school, when my favourite English teacher put on the 1990 version of Steven King’s It for the class, I privately asked if I could leave the room (she understood the quiet desperation in my eyes and agreed, making this is the absolute closest I ever came to skipping a class).  I had nightmares for over three months after watching ET: The Extraterrestrial, which isn’t even a ‘scary’ movie per-se.   It is therefore an unexpected phenomenon that I was so genuinely excited to see A Quiet Place, a movie that has been called “The scariest and most innovative movie of the year” (Matt Miller, Esquire) Continue reading

The Female Persuasion

book cover of The Female PersuasionIn Meg Wolitzer’s latest novel, The Female Persuasion, Greer Kadetsky has a life-changing encounter when she meets renowned feminist and author Faith Frank at a college lecture. Greer has always been ambitious, excelling at school, yet shy and afraid to speak her mind. In Faith, she finds a mentor who gives her the confidence to use her voice. When Greer lands her dream job working at Faith’s women’s foundation, Loci, she is excited to help women share their stories and shine a light on issues such as pay inequality and workplace harassment. But Greer’s idealistic view of Loci is put to the test when she discovers the venture capital firm funding the foundation has been involved in some shady practices. Continue reading