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Curbside Pickup Service

Our libraries may be closed, but our collection is still here for you! You can pick up items that are currently on the shelves at any of our libraries, and you can submit your request at any time using the form below. Items that you borrow will no longer incur late fees.

We are experiencing a high level of demand which may impact the time it takes to prepare items for pickup.

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Our Curbside Pickup service has changed. Please note the following:

  • You will no longer need to make an appointment to pick up your holds. Instead, when your holds are ready you will receive an email notification that will include the Curbside Service Hours for the selected library location.

  • You will still need to fill in a Request Form if you would like staff to recommend materials for you.

How It Works

Curbside Step 1

1. Place holds on items or request staff recommendations

a) Place a hold

Browse our Online Catalogue and place holds on items you want to borrow. Currently we are not transferring materials between library locations. We are only offering curbside pickup of items available on the shelf at the library location you will be visiting. Therefore, when placing holds you should select the pickup location that matches the availability of the item.

b) Request staff help

If you’re not sure what to borrow, our staff members can help. Simply fill in the Request Form below and let us know the type of item you’re looking for and our staff can provide a recommendation custom tailored to you.

Curbside Step 2

2. Wait for your items to be prepared

When your holds are ready you will receive a notification that will include the curbside service hours for the selected library location. If you requested staff recommendations, you will be contacted by a staff member when your curbside order has been prepared.

Curbside Step 3

3. Visit us for a contact-free pick up

Come on by during the curbside service hours for your pickup location. When you arrive, please have your library number ready and follow the instructions on the exterior signage to approach the table at the front door. When greeted by a staff member, indicate that you are picking up holds that are ready. Your items will be checked out to your account and placed on the table for you to pick up. If there are other people waiting please respect social distancing and maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others.

Curbside Service Hours

Our libraries have designated dates and times for curbside pickup. Please look up the curbside service hours of your preferred library location below.

Request Staff Recommendations
Reminder: You no longer need to fill this form if you placed holds using the online catalogue.
All fields are required.

*What would you like to borrow? Staff will work to accommodate your request, but quantities may be limited.

Please tell us about a few books and authors you’ve enjoyed and what you’ve enjoyed about them. If you would like a selection of books for children, tell us what they have already read and their ages or grade level, for each child that you are requesting for. If there is a specific number of books that you would like to borrow, tell us in the text box.

The personal information collected from you on this form will only be used for the purpose of Curbside Pickup service. Your personal information will not be shared with outside organizations, except as indicated in the Privacy Statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can items be shipped from other branches?
Not at this time. If this changes we will let our customers know straight away.

I have a hold available at a branch – can I pick it up?
When your holds are ready for pickup you will receive an email notification that will include the curbside service hours for the selected library location. You may visit during those hours to pickup your holds that are ready. Your holds will be checked out for you upon pickup. If you don't receive a notification after 1 week and the item is still shown as being available on the shelf, please submit a Request Form and let us know in the text box provided.

Can I return the materials I’m borrowing or items I already have out?
Yes. We are now accepting returns through the exterior return slots. All returned items will be isolated for 72 hours before going back on the shelves, during which time you may notice the items are still shown as “checked out” on your account. This is normal and the items will be removed eventually. All items borrowed will longer incur late fees.