Vellore Village Library: April 18 Update

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Progress is moving steadily on the construction of Vellore Village Library. It’s easier to envision what this 8,300 square foot, hour-glass shaped library will look like when it’s finished, inside and out!

external view of library

External view of library from Villa Royale,

Library area facing south

Main library area facing south towards the community centre.

Main library area

Main library area facing Villa Royale Avenue.

New vestibule for community centre and library

Construction of a new vestibule to the community centre and library.

Ongoing steel structure framing

Ongoing steel structure framing.

lights in staff workroom

Lights have been installed in the staff workroom.

Staff workroom windowsills installed

Windowsills in staff workroom installed and painting activities ongoing.

Staff kitchen cabinetry

Staff kitchen cabinetry installed.

Bulkhead work completed

Bulkhead work completed.


Light installation staff area

Lights installation in the staff area is ongoing.

Interior walls painted

Painting of interior walls ongoing.


Drywalling and taping in study area

Drywalling and taping work continue in the quiet study area.




Wiring of balcony

Wiring of balcony completed and ready for railing installation.

Vellore Village Library: March 6 Update

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Construction activities continue at the site of the new library. Glazing installation is nearly completed as insulation, drywalling and taping work continues. Ceiling framing and hangers are well underway and preparation for ceiling work has started.

Activities scheduled for the next two weeks include framing of the structural soffit, ceiling hangers installation, completion of bulkhead framing, tile work and IT room set-up to power equipment.

Drywalling and taping progressing well

Drywalling and taping are progressing well.

Ceiling installation preparation

Preparation for ceiling installation.

Tiling in washroom area

Tiling is underway in the washroom area.

Drywalling in children's area

Drywalling ongoing in the children’s area.

Study room insulation and drywalling

Insulation and drywalling activities in the study room.

Electrical panels installed in IT room

Electrical panels have been installed in the IT room.

Decorative roofing detail ongoing

Decorative roofing detail work is ongoing.

New library on Villa Royale Avenue officially named

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The Vaughan Public Library Board is proud to announce that the official name of the 8,300-sq. ft. library connected to the Vellore Village Community Centre will be the Vellore Village Library!

Construction steadily continues. Ninety-five percent of the curtain wall glazing has been installed. Remaining glazing and sealing is expected to be fully completed in the next two weeks. The structural exterior stud work has also been completed.

Arial view of library

Aerial view of the new library overlooking the skate park.

South view from balcony

The south view from cantilevered balcony. Soffit framing continues.

The new year brings progress with library construction at Vellore Village Community Centre

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Construction activities continue to move forward at the Vellore Village Community Centre’s new library.

Winter protection has been installed allowing interior work to continue during the winter months. Metal supports, steel stud framing and curtain work is ongoing in preparation for glazing installation. HVAC and work on mechanical units has been completed. Work on electrical rough-ins above ground continues.

View from Villa Royale Avenue

Steel stud framing for glazing installation in progess. View from Villa Royale Avenue.

View from parking lot into the Reading Lounge area

Steel stud framing for glazing installation in progess. View from Vellore Village Community Centre’s parking lot into the library’s Reading Lounge Area.

Workroom windows ready for glazing installation

Workroom windows ready for glazing installation.

Entrance into the new library

Entrance area into the new library.

Duct work above the Marketplace area complete

Complete duct work above the Marketplace area.

Ceiling installation has started

Preparation for ceiling installation has commenced.



Vellore Village South Library: December 18 Update

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Construction activities are ongoing at the Vellore Village Community Centre’s new library. Roof work and curtain wall framing are anticipated to be completed in the next two weeks, followed by curtain wall installation.

Winter protection installation on the library deck is anticipated to be installed in the coming weeks. This will ensure work activities scheduled for the interior of the building can proceed and will be protected from various weather elements.

The new vestibule area and entrance into the library

The new vestibule area and entrance into the library.

Blueskin installation completed

Blueskin installation completed on the north side of the library.

North view into the library

View from the north into the library.

HVAC unit ready to be installed

The HVAC unit ready to be installed.

Vellore Village South Library: November 13 Update

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Construction progresses on the new library at the Vellore Village Community Centre and the facility’s hourglass shape continues to be revealed.

Main entrance to the library

Main entrance into the library from the Community Centre’s vestibule.

Staff workroom masonry completed

Masonry work completed at staff workroom.

Heating system installation

Heating system installation.

Interior wall framing

Framing of interior walls is ongoing.

Vellore Village South Library: October 16 Update

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Progress on the new library connected to the Vellore Village Community Centre continues.

Roof installation in progress

Roof installation in progress.

Masonry work on the north wall of the library.

Masonry work on the north wall of the library.

View inside library

View inside library looking south towards the community centre.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Vellore Village Library

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Jasper Construction Corporation has been selected to build Vaughan Public Libraries’ tenth library. The 8,300 square foot library will be located at 1 Villa Royale Avenue connected to the Vellore Village Community Centre. The Vaughan Public Library Board, Mayor and Members of Council attended a November 12 groundbreaking ceremony for the new library which is designed by ZAS Architects and anticipated to open in late 2017.

“This is another great moment for Vaughan Public Libraries and the residents of Vaughan. We are very pleased Jasper Construction Corporation will help us make this new library a reality.” said Devender Sandhu, Chair of Vaughan Public Library Board. “Like VPL’s other nine branches, Vellore Village South Library will positively enrich, inspire and transform our community.”

“When designing the new library, we made sure to minimize its physical impact on the existing building and amenities, including the skate park.” said Margie Singleton, CEO, Vaughan Public Libraries. “We again adopted a collaborative design approach by incorporating suggestions from the public gathered from surveys and focus groups to ensure the library meets the needs of our community.”

The site will house an inspiring facility that will respond to VPL’s mission of offering a welcoming destination that educates, excites and empowers the Vaughan community. The new library will be attached to the existing community centre and will be approximately 8,300 sq. ft. in size being visually distinctive, yet complementary and a modern addition to a much larger building development.

Other highlights of the building are:

  • High performance envelope and white roof to reduce environmental heat gain and heat loss
  • Use of predominantly local materials to reduce carbon footprint
  • Natural ventilation strategy and daylight harvesting to reduce the hvac and lighting energy load
  • Large east-facing reading balcony that overlooks the skate park

Proposed services & collections that will be offered at the new library include:

  • Full suite of programs including storytimes, book clubs, technology training
  • Materials for adults, youth and children on a wide variety of subjects, including popular and  high demand materials and support for the school curriculum
  • Technology such as word processing and presentation software
  • Collaboration spaces for group study
  • Storytime area that is part of the children’s area and invites participation

In addition, the library is designed to be a green building which complies with the City of Vaughan’s Green Building Policy. It will also be an accessible facility that offers accessible shelving and technologies to accommodate individuals with special needs. 

VVSL Groundbreaking Ceremony November 12

Front row (L to R): VPL Board Trustees Manjit Kaur, Rose Savage (Vice-Chair) and Devender Sandhu (Chair); Daniel Kostopoulos, Vaughan City Manager; Michael Di Biase, Deputy Mayor & Regional Councillor; Loreta Pavese, VPL Board Trustee; Sandra Yeung Racco, Ward 4 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee; Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua; Rosanna DeFrancesca, Ward 3 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee; Marilyn Iafrate, Ward 1 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee; Mario Ferri, Regional Councillor & VPL Board Trustee; Gino Rosati, Regional Councillor; VPL Board Trustees Maya Goldenberg and Cristina Rizzuto. Back row (left to right): John Appugliesi, President & CEO of Jasper Construction; VPL Board Trustees Jane Kelly, Palma Pallante, and Ugo Di Federico; Margie Singleton (VPL CEO); Steve Kerwin, VPL Board Trustee, and Paul Stevens, Senior Principal at ZAS Architects + Interiors


Councillor DeFrancesca and Mayor Bevilacqua

Ward 3 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee, Rosanna DeFrancesca and Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua


Vellore Village South Library Groundbreaking with Speakers

Left to right: John Appugliesi, President & CEO of Jasper Construction; Devender Sandhu, VPL Library Board Chair; Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, City of Vaughan; Margie Singleton, VPL CEO; Rosanna DeFrancesca, Ward 3 Councillor and Library Board Trustee; Paul Stevens, Senior Principal of ZAS Architects + Interiors


VVSL group

L to R: John Appugliesi and Joseph Zinni of Jasper Construction; Ella Mamiche, ZAS Architects + Interiors; Paul Marcoccia and Wei Chiao from the City of Vaughan; Margie Singleton, VPL CEO; Aleksandra Dowiat Vine (VPL); Del Cordeiro and Paul Stevens of ZAS Architects + Interiors


VPL Executive Management team

VPL Executive Management Team (left to right): Aleksandra Dowiat Vine, Sandy Vander Werff, Margie Singleton, VPL CEO; Marilyn Guy and Lisa McDonough