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Woodbridge Library Renovations

Woodbridge Library is a split level building with the programming rooms housed in the basement area. There is a ramp from the main entry to the programming area, however the automatic doors to this ramp were too small for easy passage of current models of wheelchairs and strollers. There is a second door, but in order to open it, customers had to seek assistance, so it was very inconvenient. In March 2011, Woodbridge Library had this doorway retrofitted into a new, wider automatic door. Now all customers can enter and exit the programming area independently.

In December 2011, Woodbridge Library turned its two small, old and rusted public washrooms into one state-of-the-art accessible family washroom to meet the needs of all customers, including families needing changing facilities for small children and for people who use wheelchairs. The washroom now has an automatic door to make entry with strollers and wheelchairs possible, as well as offering a hands free option. On the inside, there are two toilets, one a regular adult size, and a smaller one for children’s use. Both are low flow and feature automatic flushing.  The sink is automatic and hands free, which in turn saves water.  

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