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Site Dedication Ceremony for New Resource Library

A site dedication ceremony was held on Oct. 17, dedicating the north-west quadrant of the Civic Centre Campus as the site of the future home of Vaughan Public Libaries’ third resource library. Despite the rain, the Vaughan Public Library Board, and Mayor and Members of Council were in attendance.The library being designed by ZAS Architects Inc., is now in the conceptual design phase. Construction is expected to begin in 2014 with anticipated completion in 2015.

“The City of Vaughan and Vaughan Public Libraries have been collaborating since 2002 when plans for the third resource library began. We appreciate the funding support we have received from the City. This site will house an inspiring facility that will respond to VPL’s Mission of offering a welcoming destination that educates, excites and empowers our community. We are confident that the resource library will be a vibrant element of the City Hall precinct.” said Michael McKenzie, Chair, Vaughan Public Library Board.

“The Library Board spent a considerable amount of time discussing what role this new library would fill and how it would enhance the community,” continued McKenzie. “We created an overview of architectural considerations based on input from the community and staff.”

The professionals at ZAS were tasked with creating a library for the community that is:

  • Easily identifiable from Major Mackenzie
  • Accessible for customers who walk, bike ride, drive or take public transit
  • Spectacular yet tasteful
  • A one story facility that will be a focal point in the community
  • Able to spill into the green spaces surrounding the library connecting it to the outdoors

Internally providing:

  • Technology that is seamlessly integrated
  •  Ambiance that is welcoming and safe
  • Spaces that are flexible, adaptable and easily convertible
  • Specific spaces for teens, children, quiet reading, serious studying, and an exciting marketplace full of inspiring and enticing library materials

Highlights of proposed services & collections that will be included in the new library:

  • Full suite of programs including story times, book clubs, technology training
  • Materials for adults, youth and children on a wide variety of subjects, including popular and  high demand materials and support for the school curriculum
  • Technology such as word processing and presentation software
  • Digital Media lab located in the teen area for their use
  • Collaboration spaces for group study
  • Story time area that is part of the children’s area and invites participation
  • An internal courtyard that is open to the elements
Site Dedication Ceremony picture 1

(From left to right) Ward 3 Councillor & Vaughan Public Library(VPL) Board Trustee Rosanna DeFrancesca, VPL Board Trustee Vivek Gupta, Deputy Mayor, Regional Councillor and VPL Board Trustee Gino Rosati, VPL CEO Margie Singleton, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, VPL Board Chair Michael McKenzie, Ward 1 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee Marilyn Iafrate, VPL Board Trustee Steve Kerwin, VPL Board Trustee Isabella Ferrara, VPL Board Trustee Pradeep Puri, VPL Board Trustee Marie Chiaromonte, Ward 4 Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, Regional Councillor Deb Schulte and Regional Councillor & VPL Board Trustee Michael Di Biase were on-site to dedicate the north-west quadrant of the Civic Centre Campus as the site of the future home of Vaughan Public Libraries’ third resource library

Site Dedication Ceremony picture 2

(From left to right) Vaughan Public Library Board: Marie Chiaromonte, Rosanna DeFrancesca, Michael Di Biase, Devender Sandhu (Vice-Chair), Margie Singleton (CEO), Michael McKenzie (Chair), Pradeep Puri, Steve Kerwin, Marilyn Iafrate, Isabella Ferrara, Vivek Gupta and Gino Rosati

Site Dedication Ceremony picture 3

(From left to right) VPL Board Vice-Chair Devender Sandhu, Peter Duckworth-Pilkington and Dieter Janssen of ZAS Architect Inc., VPL CEO Margie Singleton, VPL Board Chair Michael McKenzie, Commissioner of Community Services Marlon Kallideen and Ward 1 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee Marilyn Iafrate

Site Dedication Ceremony picture 4

(From left to right) VPL Board Chair Michael McKenzie, VPL CEO Margie Singleton, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Ward 1 Councillor & VPL Board Trustee Marilyn Iafrate

Site Dedication Ceremony picture 5

(From left to right) Interim City Manager Barbara Cribbett, VPL CEO Margie Singleton and VPL Board Chair Michael McKenzie

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