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Kleinburg Library Renovations

During the 2012 building audit of Kleinburg Library, repair concerns requiring attention to the building were highlighted.  The scope of work identified for the renovation that is scheduled to take place in fall of 2013 includes:

  • Repairs to the roof, external brickwork and concrete
  • Window replacement
  • Updating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Installing an exterior AODA compliant ramp (providing access to the library’s lower level and outdoor reading garden)
  • Addition of southern parking spaces and an outdoor reading garden

The project has been reviewed with Heritage Vaughan Committee; received support by the Vaughan Public Library Board and has received Council’s approval at the June 25th Council meeting.

Nino Rico of NRA Inc. has been retained as a project architect for the Kleinburg Library renovation.  Below are selected renderings of the project encompassing the scope of the planned renovations.

The timeline needed to carry out the scope of renovations and repairs will require intermittent disruptions to services and the branch will be closed to the public during portions of the renovations project.  Detailed information on library closures will be shared with the public when renovation dates have been firmed up.

Windows will be enlarged

Larger windows will be installed and replacement of small windows will help to enhance street presence. New windows will be added to the south of the building to increase infusion of natural light.

Windows will be enlarged

Windows on the east side of the building will be enlarged.

New windows will be added

New windows will also be added to the north of the building to increase infusion of light. Emergency exit will be relocated slightly.

New ramp

New ramp will connect thought an outdoor reading garden on the south side of the building.

New ramp 2

Ramp will provide access to the lower level of the library on the east side of the building.

Parking spaces

Additional parking spaces will be included to the south of existing parking

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