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Civic Centre Resource Library – Feb. 2

This week at the Civic Centre Resource Library, workers are continuing to install miscellaneous framing around the glazing on the east and south face. Framing work is still ongoing at the main entrance at the south side, and the framing of the vestibule is progressing with drywall installation at the ceiling.Painters are on site and are spraying the ceiling at the children’s zone, moving west towards the proposed computer area. Installation of the elevator is ongoing now that the electrical work is complete.


View of east elevation at the main lobby. Framing is ongoing at stairwell A.


Ceiling spray painting has commenced over the children's area.


Drywall mudding has been completed at the multi-purpose training room and the teen zone.


The elevator is in place and final connections are ongoing.

Drop Ceiling

Drop ceiling (T-bar) installation has commenced at the 2nd floor northeast corner.

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