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Civic Centre Resource Library – Nov. 30

Things are moving quickly at the Civic Centre Resource Library. Here is an update on what is happening at the construction site.

  • Exterior insulation installation is taking place around the north, west and south elevations.
  • Workers continue to install paneling on the south side.
  • Framing work is still ongoing at the main entrance at the south side.
  • Glazing installation continues around the exterior perimeter at the east elevation.
  • Hardscaping activities continue around the building.
  • Sidewalk continues to be poured around the perimeter as well as the pads at the main entrance.
  • Drywall installation continues throughout the first and second floor.

Concrete work is ongoing around the perimeter.


Hardscaping work is progressing at the south side.


Drywall work is almost complete.


Lounge area and study hall space in progress.


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