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Civic Centre Resource Library – Oct. 9

Glazing installation continues around the exterior perimeter. The north and west elevations as well as the reading garden are approximately 90% closed in. Hardscaping activities along the south, west and north continues.  Grading is almost complete along the north. Mechanical and electrical rough-ins are complete. Interior steel stud work has progressed in all areas. Drywall installation is underway at the mezzanine and second floor areas.


Glazing installation is almost complete at the reading garden.

market place

View of the Market Place with second floor balcony above.

Music Room

Music Room walls are taking form.


Drywall mudding and taping has commenced at stair B.

Program room

Insulation and boarding is progressing at the program rooms and kitchenette.


2nd floor administration area is starting to take form.

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