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And Now for Something a Little Different

First a story:

About two months ago I was working at Bathurst Clark Resource Library and a woman came over to the desk and asked for  help using the computer. We got to talking and realized that I speak three of the five languages she speaks (guys, she speaks FIVE languages fluently – I am so jealous!).  What followed was a conversation in which English, Spanish and Hebrew (with a few words in Russian and French) were pretty much interchangeable. We talked about her life, mine, how we each came to speak these languages (her story was so much more interesting then mine).

Then we started talking about movies. She asked for Israeli film recommendations, which I am now sharing with you, and offered a recommendation for the following two.

Honestly, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire career as a library employee. I love to recommend things to our patrons, but there is something so very special about a patron recommending something to you.

And now the recommendations: Continue reading