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The Most Dramatic Book List Ever! (Books for fans of ABC’s The Bachelor)

Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Kaufman, Amy: 9781101985908: Books - Amazon.caYes, that title was meant to be read out loud in your best host voice! ABC’s The Bachelor has been running for so many years and in the last few months, it has really surfaced again in popularity as we all need some new entertainment during self-isolation. While this post may seem timely, I started watching the show a few years ago and have become obsessed with it. I know that there is a very rare chance that the show could actually help people find love but there has been enough success stories (though they do not outnumber the many failures) that I am hooked each season. Of course, I have to admit that the drama between contestants is definitely a part of what makes the show so compelling.

The show is largely seen as a guilty pleasure or unsophisticated viewing but if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. I also really enjoyed Roxane Gay’s essay in Bad Feminist  (when I read the book years ago!) on the franchise where she discusses that you can love something and still critique it. That said, I thought it would be fun to discuss some books about the franchise because one of my favourite things is combining my TV hobbies with my reading hobbies. Continue reading

Is Love Blind? Or Is It Just Really Good Reality TV?

Love is Blind Netflix TV Show PosterBeing home for the past few weeks has definitely made me tune into more of my favourite obsession: reality TV. If you’ve similarly found yourself with more free time and want a new binge show, look no further than Netflix’s Love is Blind. 

The premise is quite simple: a group of men and women blind date (literally: they will not be able to see each other and are separated by a wall) for a few weeks. After forming a deep emotional connection, these couples will get engaged. They will only be allowed to face each other in person for the first time after an engagement. The central premise of the show is this: can only an emotional connection make couples last and if so, is love truly blind?

The hosts describe this dating show as an experiment, though that implies some level of unforeseen circumstances. The show’s cast is all incredibly attractive people within the Atlanta area, so it is not hard to believe that they would be compatible in person. The main hurdle, at least in my opinion, seems to be the lack of time that contestants are given. The show’s fast pacing and actual circumstance seems to suggest that the couples only spent a few days together, not weeks. Despite that lack of time, the show ends with a few engagements and even a few weddings. Continue reading