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Reading Challenge 2024: Kickstart Your Reading!

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Check out the VPL Reading Challenge 2024! January’s challenge is: Read a book with a year in the title.

It’s New Years resolutions time! Are you hoping to read more this year? We’ve got you covered! Our Reading Challenge is back for 2024, and we’re bringing you a fresh batch of challenges to inspire your year-long reading journey—one challenge for every month. Each month, our knowledgeable library staff will put together themed reading lists based on the monthly challenge. You’re not limited to books on these lists, however; they’re just meant to provide guidance and spur ideas! Participants are encouraged to read widely—broaden your reading horizons! But most of all, remember to have fun with it. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new favourite book! 

To get started on this year’s challenge, download our handy Reading Log for your own personal records. Check out our Reading Challenge 2024 page for monthly updates and links to themed lists. And if you’re so inclined, you can follow along with the challenge on social media! We’d love to know what you’re reading, so feel free to share!  

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November Reading Challenge

November Reading Challenge: Read A Book by an LGBTQIA2S+ Author

Our reading challenge for November is to read a book by an author who identifies as LGBTQIA2S+. Whether you’re reading outside your identity or within it, it’s always a good time to read books from marginalized voices. But lately it seems particularly apropos to highlight queer authors (I’ll use that as an umbrella term for simplicity’s sake). It’s hard not to be concerned about the storm brewing below our border; book bans (or more accurately, attempts at them) are on the rise, the target of which is largely books with queer themes (and books that deal with race—doubly so if a book contains both, such as George M. Johnson’s All Boys Aren’t Blue). PEN America compiled a detailed report earlier this year investigating these attempts at censorship, for those who would like to learn more. Across the pond we’ve also seen an alarming uptick in transphobic rhetoric, a sort of transphobe-mania gripping the UK, famously spurred on by She Who Must Not Be Named.  

Books can be tools for exploring the human condition, tools for advocacy and for empathy, for validation and support—and also, just for fun. In June, Vogue asked “Is this the golden age of queer literature?” While the answer is basically “not really”, it’s still certainly a better literary landscape than in the past. Queer authors have always existed in all genres, though not as openly (or as mainstream) as today. We’ll go over some of these genres paired with some recommendations! 

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September Reading Challenge

September Reading Challenge: Read a book by an author you’ve never read before

You know at first, I was pretty stumped on how to make a list and post for a challenge so…subjective. After all, no matter how well-known a book might be, there are always plenty of people who’ve never read it before, which means theoretically, I could talk about any book.

Thankfully my coworker had the fantastic suggestion to list books by debut authors as well as newly translated books, so here we go! As per usual, all the titles featured in this post will be available at Vaughan Public Libraries, though as they are new, many are on order. Get your holds in now!


Cover of When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

A mythic love story set in Trinidad & Tobago, Ayanna Lloyd Banwo’s radiant debut introduces two unforgettable outsiders brought together by their connection with the dead.

A masterwork of lush imagination and immersive lyricism, shot through with the rhythm of the island, When We Were Birds is a spellbinding novel about inheritance, loss and love’s seismic power to heal.

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