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Try Vegan in 2020

Are you a devout bacon lover? A chicken wings connoisseur? A meat and potatoes kind of person? When you hear the word vegan, do you run for the hills?

For many, the word vegan is a dirty word – a radical lifestyle met with ridicule and skepticism. But I want to show you that going vegan doesn’t have to mean extraordinary sacrifice. Simply being more aware and mindful of how your decisions impact animals and the environment is a great first step toward embracing the vegan ethos.

The Invisible Vegan

You don’t have to jump straight into it. Take time exploring fresh fruits, veggies and vegan alternatives such as dairy-free milk and meatless burgers. Plant-based options are more prevalent than ever before. There’s no need to give up your favourites. I thought I would never again enjoy the taste of cheesecake, but I quickly found a delicious coconut-based alternative readily available at my local grocery store. Many of your favourite coffee joints like Starbucks and Second Cup offer tasty milk substitutes to satisfy your caffeine cravings. With summer around the corner, farmers’ markets are a great alternative to conventional supermarkets. You’ll be accessing more healthful foods while supporting the local economy. Continue reading

Eating My Greens

cover image of The Oh She Glows CookbookThis past winter, I started seeing a naturopathic doctor at the suggestion of my physiotherapist. I had been suffering from pain in my neck and shoulder for some time, and no amount of acupuncture or stretching seemed to work. The naturopath believed my pain was from inflammation that was being made worse by my diet. It turns out I ate too many processed foods, and my weakness for baked goods wasn’t doing me any favours either. The doctor suggested that I try cutting back on sugar and salt, eating more whole foods, avoiding gluten and dairy, and eating less meat. At first this was very difficult for me given that I grew up eating meat and potatoes for dinner every night and had never really considered myself much of a cook. Enter The Oh She Glows Cookbook. Continue reading