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November Nostalgia & Movie Marathons

I don’t know what it is about November, but for me it’s a very nostalgic month. Something about the cold and snow sweeping in on the heels of a vibrant autumn, the enveloping gloom, the time change, and the burgeoning anticipation of the holiday season all conspires to make me want nothing more than to be cozy and re-watch all my favourite action/adventure movies.

I’m not sure why action/adventure is specifically the genre I go for. Maybe to counteract the urge to hibernate? While the natural world slows down and beds down, we as a society keep grinding, and so I suppose I seek out some fun and adrenaline to revitalize me in this nippy, busy time without…actually exhausting myself by doing more*.

*Fittingly, a lot of these movies take place in warm, sunny tropical or desert climes, so it only makes sense that I want to watch them when everything’s grey and freezing outside.

If there’s one uniting thread to experiencing winter around the world (for those who have winter, anyway), it’s that it’s a time of story telling. After all, what better way is there to pass the long cold nights than to gather with friends, family, and community and entertain ourselves?

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The Fate of the Furious (2017)—director F. Gary Gary

In this latest Fast and Furious installment, Dom faces probably the most challenging situation: having to betray his family and friends, he found himself a part of a terrorist Image result for fate of the furious postergroup. His crew, therefore, faces the hardest task which is to capture Dom and stop him from working with the terrorist.

This movie is very entertaining. The car chases are very well choreographed, but they do not take away the light from the storyline (at the same time, I can’t help but wander how many cars were wasted filming this movie). Another thing that makes me like this movie is how the group is so tight that the idea of Dom’s betrayal is unbelievable. Without giving out too much, the reason for his action is for you to find out.

I would highly recommended to any follower of this series. Or if you have never seen any previous movies, you can still pretty much understand it; it would still be a fun and enjoyable movie to watch.

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