Ponytails & Pyjamas: Beauty Routines in Self-Isolation

Did I brush my teeth today? I wonder as I fire up my laptop for another day of working at home. As I sip my coffee and reply to the latest emails, I become increasingly aware of my unwashed hair, but since there’s no one to see it, what’s the harm in leaving it just one more day? Then again, I do have that important Zoom meeting at 2 pm. I should probably look a little more presentable for that. Surely some muted lighting will help hide the tired, dark circles under my eyes. And there’s nothing that a high ponytail can’t solve.

As each day melts into the next during social isolation, it’s easy to neglect even the most basic self-care rituals. I was never a high maintenance gal to begin with, but I feel myself slipping even further into lazy habits. The problem is, once you start wearing your pyjamas around all day, the malaise can trickle into other areas of your life.

Beauty isn’t just about the superficial. How you feel about your appearance can have a strong negative impact on productivity and energy. You might stop video chatting with your family and friends because you “don’t look good right now.” You’ll probably skip that afternoon walk worried because your hair is frizzy and your grey roots are showing. And now that you’re in your pyjamas – so soft and warm –  a little nap couldn’t hurt. But once you’re in that cozy bed, it’s oh-so-hard to get back up again.

So what can we do to feel better in these challenging times? How can we create a realistic and manageable beauty routine while being kind to ourselves?

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So while we are all struggling to cope during these challenging times, let’s remember to take a timeout from fixating on an unknown future, and give our self-esteem a much-needed boost. Now could be the perfect time to perfect a sultry cat-eye, try a homemade skin-care treatment or experiment with a fun manicure. Reconnect with your body, show off the results to family and friends, and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Ponytails & Pyjamas: Beauty Routines in Self-Isolation

  1. Those first couple of paragraphs are SO real. As someone who loves makeup and normally doesn’t leave the house without a little something on, part of me is really relishing the ability to just throw my hair in a bun and let my dark circles run wild. But you’re right, that can quickly become a hard spiral to get out of, and I find myself feeling a bit lazy. I still try to look somewhat put together for video calls, to maintain some semblance of professionalism, but i’m going daaaayyysss without washing my hair just because I can.

    My morning makeup routine was like a ritual for me; I need a lot of time to be a functioning human in the morning, and taking the time to get ready was a nice way to ease into the day. Without the need for that, some days I find myself just rolling out of bed, making coffee and starting work still bleary-eyed. It’s not something I’m used to and I’m not sure it’s good for me! I really think there’s something to be said about taking care of your body not only on the inside but on the outside as well (of course, not everyone will feel that way). I love your suggestions to do a softer, self-care version of a beauty routine with homemade skincare and bath bombs!

    1. Thanks Alyssia! I totally understand! There’s something so liberating about being able to work in your PJs, but I find it can blur the lines between work and leisure. It’s about striking that balance between comfort and professionalism, and being realistic about what’s needed/necessary right now. I’ve definitely been relishing my baths and skincare routines more than ever before. There’s something so nourishing about taking a few moments for self-care 🙂

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