Building Update: Woodbridge Library Renovation & Carrville Library

The Woodbridge Library, a cornerstone of the Woodbridge community, is embarking on a renovation journey. This decision reflects our commitment to offering welcoming and accessible destinations that support growth through sustainable, efficient and effective operations while preserving our rich history.

Woodbrige Library project sign on Woodbridge Avenue, in front of the old entrance/windows.
Woodbrige Library project sign on Woodbridge Avenue.

Our aim is to transform the library into a more vibrant space that caters to the changing needs of our customers and community. By optimizing the layout, we will improve accessibility and functionality, creating comfortable reading corners and versatile areas for a range of activities, including upgraded elevators.

While the Woodbridge Library undergoes a much-needed renovation, our customers may attend scheduled programming at the Father Ermanno Bulfon Community Centre, as well as borrow books from the FEB Express, a mini library located at the Father E. Bulfon Community Centre across from the main customer service desk, near the East entrance doors.

We’re delighted to share some exclusive images of the renovations and enhancements underway at the Woodbridge Library.

We’re also delighted to share some exclusive images of the ongoing renovations and enhancements that have been taking place at Carrville Library.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress for Woodbridge Library and Carrville Library.