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Next Year, for Sure by Zoey Leigh Peterson

next year for sure coverI just finished Next Year, for Sure by Zoey Leigh Peterson, and the first thing I can say about it is that it’s not like any other romantic story that I have read before. The story centres on a couple, Kathryn and Chris, and their attempt in being in an open relationship. Although Chris is the one who is infatuated with a young woman named Emily, Kathryn is the one who encourages him to pursue her! At first, I found this to be very strange, but as I am reading, I understand Kathryn’s reasoning for this. She wants Chris to be happy, which she believes will make her happy, but it’s not as simple as she might think. Feelings of guilt, jealousy, sadness and selfishness will eventually surface in this story.

Chris doesn’t completely abandon his relationship with Kathryn. In fact, because he is so indecisive with his feelings, he goes back and forth between Kathryn and Emily. This certainly frustrates me as these two women clearly deserve better, and yet, I was intrigued to see how these relationships play out. After reading this story, I can say that I am pleased with how each character ended up. I can’t reveal anything else, so if you’re interested, grab a copy of Next Year, for Sure!

A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery

cover of bookI just finished Susan Mallery’s A Million Little Things, and found it to be a very appropriate read over the Mother’s Day weekend. This story surrounds three women’s personal stories of grief, family, romance and difficult choices. The story starts off with Zoe who gets trapped in an attic and begins to think of the choices she made in her life, such as changing her career to satisfy someone she thought she loved. Zoe’s best friend, Jen, is struggling as a first-time mom hovering over her toddler son and constantly worrying that he hasn’t spoken a word yet. Finally, Jen’s mom and Zoe’s friend, Pam, cannot seem to move on from her late husband and rejects any idea of falling in love again. These women’s stories intertwine with each other’s as they all have a kind of relationship with one another. Because of these intertwined stories, I was never left wondering what was happening to any character at a particular time. Continue reading

Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Harris

Behind Closed Dors CoverReading the first couple of chapters of Behind Closed Doors, you might think that Jack and Grace have the perfect marriage. Jack is a highly respected and successful lawyer, whereas Grace stays at home keeping busy with her talents in cooking and gardening. They have an exquisite home where they host lovely gatherings for their friends, and always seem to be in agreement with each other. Their friends find this charming, and have no reason to question this ideal relationship, except for one – Esther. She is suspicious and can detect that there is more to this image that Jack and Grace are trying to pull off, and boy, was she right!

Esther doesn’t have a major role in the story, but her uneasy demeanour towards Grace made me question their relationship that I didn’t think too much of in the beginning. Jack and Grace’s true story is only revealed a third-way in to the book, which is a bit disappointing because I was expecting revelations to happen a lot earlier on. So, although the story started off slow, the plot certainly thickened once details from the past came to light, and before I knew it, this story became a twisted and unsettling psychological thriller. Continue reading