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Sierra is an Information Assistant at Vaughan Public Libraries. She loves reality TV, charcuterie, and anything that might be haunted.

3 Tips to Up Your Coffee Game

Coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry, with its own savants and fanatics in all reaches of the world drinking over 2 billion cups of it everyday. I am but one casual coffee drinker, very new to the game. I know coffee connoisseurs out there who can taste differences in roast, grind, and bean that my rookie palette is yet unable to detect or label. Just last year, I put a heaping tablespoon of Folgers Instant in my Ravenclaw mug and called it a morning. (This is not a Folgers Instant diss, I sincerely loved that stuff.) This small habit provided a nice structure to my day, in which I could enjoy each slow sip with the sunrise, some “me-time” before getting started on my daily tasks. There is a fog of mysticism around certain goods I consume daily; as I began enjoying my daily cuppa joe more and more, I decided coffee was one of those products to uncover. 

Cover of "Coffee Obsession".

Is it good for me? Is it bad for me? What’s the difference between each roast? Where does my coffee come from? Freshly ground or pre-ground? French press or pour over? Iced coffee or cold brew? Blade grinder or burr grinder? What even is a burr grinder? These are just a few of the questions I had. 

My coffee-fication was a staged process, one in which I learned a few of these answers. Here are three tips I have to offer the casual coffee drinker to up their coffee game, as I find myself one year into this journey:

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It’s Hip to be Scared: A Review of Little Nightmares

Last month, the sequel to Little Nightmares was digitally released, exciting and terrifying gamers far and wide. You may ask yourself: what’s everybody screaming about? While I have yet to play the recent instalment, I just this week made my way through the first and absolutely loved it. (Fret not, this is a spoiler-free zone.) The puzzle-platform horror adventure game is both aesthetically satisfying and masterful in its visual storytelling. Following a tiny, raincoat-donned girl named Six, the player makes their way through The Maw, a vast, mysterious iron vessel inhabited by monstrous, twisted beings and captive children. IGN describes The Maw to be “something like the world’s worst dollhouse” and I am inclined to agree, as an admirer of both dollhouses and terror.

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For the Love of Lost

The Golden Globes air tomorrow night! If you know me, you know that I will most definitely be watching, donned in my finest sweatpants, armed with snacks and the Twitter app. Each year, I savor my personal tradition of watching the ceremony and loudly tweeting my opinions about everything. While I love awards shows, their glaring diversity problem has been the subject of heated discussion in recent years. The Globes (and the Oscars, and the Grammys, and all institutions) have racial biases, gender biases, geographic biases… So many biases, which this author will not be unpacking in this blog post, nor am I here to provide my personal commentary on this year’s nominations (though I will say that The Sound of Metal was robbed). Instead, I will reflect on my favorite Globe-winning dramatic television series, one that I believe was ahead of its time: Lost.

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