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Rachel is an Adult Services Librarian at Civic Centre Resource Library. She enjoys cooking (but not cleaning), travelling, and reading just about anything.

October Reading Challenge

October Reading Challenge: Read a book that scares you

What scares you?

What comes to mind when we ask you that? Maybe your mind turns to the horror tropes. Zombies, serial killers, that sort of thing. Or maybe you’re afraid of things that can’t be explained, like ghosts or the paranormal. Some people might turn to the mundane, everyday things that scare them – climate change, insects, heights.

So, what scares you? This isn’t just a theoretical question. For October, your reading challenge is to read a book that scares you. This is done partly in deference to the spookiest of months. But if you’re not a horror fan, you can still participate in this challenge. Just be honest with yourself about what you’re scared of, and then force yourself to read more about that terrifying topic.

As with last month’s challenge, this is another very subjective topic. So we’ve chosen a few books that we think are pretty scary – but as always, feel free to pick something outside of this that more closely applies to you.

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August Reading Challenge

August Reading Challenge: Read a book set at the beach or in a warm/tropical setting

Beach reads. Is there a more evocative reading mood than the idea of lying on the beach, lazily flipping through a romance or thriller? Or maybe you prefer to beat the heat and sit in the comfort of air-conditioning (at home or at the library), killing time until the sun sets with a book in hand. In the summer, the days are longer, inviting you to fill them with books.

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July Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge Banner. Several clip art pictures of books.

July Reading Challenge: Read a historical fiction novel not set during World War II.

For good reason, World War II stories dominate the historical fiction market. Stories of bravery, courage, and standing up to evil are always compelling reads. But the same can also be said of other time periods in history. In the following list you will find stories of bravery and triumph over oppression, and fictionalized stories about real figures in settings around the world, spanning from 900AD to the 1950s.

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