TSRC Challenge- What Canada will be like in 150 years


Bio: Queen Emma Swan Goose is half goose, half cyborg created by scientists in 2134 to replace the PM after being caught in a scandal. 10 years later the citizens of Canada found out that PM Goose was corrupt and had plans to turn Canada into a country home to only geese and swans by promoting global warming and rising sea levels. She had hoped that by 2200, all of Canada would be underwater. Citizens demanded her to be killed. However, after a failed attempt by scientists to put her down, she became more capable of her own thoughts and promoted herself from PM to Queen. Whoever objected was sentenced to death. She always admired swans for their beauty and grace, thus naming herself after them. She is the only pop culture legally allowed with 13 released albums and half as many fans. (Unfortunately only 2 of the 4 human fans are alive.) All of her albums are just different lengths of her quacking. In 2156 she passed a bill declaring Canada to be the first all vegetarian country, as she was afraid of being hunted and eaten. Her being half cyborg aided in her takeover of Canada. now named Swanada. “Swanada” is no longer part of the UN due to Queen Swan Goose’s inability to negotiate any idea proposed by other leaders. The land that Queen Swan Goose named “Swanada” is still referred to as Canada by the entirety of the human population, although any mention of this to Queen Swan Goose will result in immediate exile to the most remote part of the country. The UN no longer recognizes Canada as a country, but as a corrupt land ruled by a crazy goose. The citizens of Swanada don’t know what a normal life is like as Queen Swan Goose hanned all studies in Canadian history and the outside world and are not permitted to leave.