The Reborn Night – Fanfiction based on Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

I woke up in a pile of crystal shards.
My hat was laid in front of me on the floor, and my gloves had small tears in them.
After picking myself up and dusting myself off, I was happy to know the deal I made with Moon was finally over.
For so long I’ve been stuck in that crystal.Not for a bad reason, I can understand why I was put there. But after staying there for more than three hundred years, you get impatient. And hungry.
My raging stomach reminded me of the vending machine from across my crystal. When she was younger, Moon was kind enough to get me a Snookers bar – how is she doing now? I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.
After getting to the old vending machine, I realized the glass on it was broken. I’m not entirely sure how it broke, but if I were to guess, it was from one of Rhombulous’ fights with his snake hands again.
Rhombulous. That child doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time. He has to be told what to do or he causes chaos.
He’s also the imbecile who put me in that crystal. Oh, how I hated that baby. I hope someone kills him. Maybe I’ll do it, I’m not sure.
For now, I have…more important matters.
I remember learning a dimension portal spell when I was younger. I learned many different spells – portal spells, cloning spells, spells that even allowed me to transcend different timelines. When I showed these to the Magic High Commission, they were terrified. I believe that’s one of the reasons why they froze me in crystal.
Setting my arms out straight, hands together, I cupped them and slowly pulled them apart. A portal then opened, like how dimensional scissors would open one. The spell saved me the trouble of having to carry around those stupid scissors.
“Hey! How’d you manage to get out of your crystal?” I heard a voice boom from behind me. I recognized it as Rhombulous’.
And of course, as I turned around, it was him that said it. He was stunned, unsure of what to do. His snake hands shared the same expression.
 “Oh, Rhomby. Don’t act so surprised. You’ve only kept me in there for – what was it again – nearly four centuries now?” I tilted my head to make it seem like I was cracking my neck. “My muscles are sore. I’m only going somewhere else for a walk.”
“I’m sorry, my queen, but I can’t let you do that.” Rhombulous readied himself to fire his crystallization beam again. “Commission’s orders.”
He fired multiple shots at me. With a swift arm movement, I reflected his crystallization beams back at him. I managed to hit him in both feet, one hand, and the top of his head.
Walking towards him, I used my magic to pull his face closer to mine. I gave him a glare as he squirmed to free himself. “Tell the Commission I’m expecting to see someone.”
Letting him go, I went back to the portal I opened before and stepped through.
Exiting the portal, I found myself in a small village surrounding a large castle I used to call home. I knew I was on Mewni – just not exactly where I intended. Although, it would be nice to admire the scenery.
 Taking a walk through the village, no one outside really acknowledged me. I don’t even think they were aware that I was there. However, as I approached the castle, heads turns toward me, and gossip started to arise. “What’s she doing here?” “Wasn’t she frozen years ago?” “How’d she get out?” was all I could hear. I’m surprised the villagers still remember me – I thought I would’ve been forgotten by them.
Upon seeing the castle gates, the two guards on duty gasped. Both looked at each other in fear, and then turned to me. One hesitated and charged at me, while the other bolted inside the castle.
With another whiff of my arm, I threw the guard aside. Upon reaching the grand gates, I grabbed hold of the handles and threw them open.
I was greeted with a giant crowd of Mewman knights, some on foot, and some on horseback. All were ready to attack when the cue was called.
“Hold it!” A familiar voice raised from the middle of the group. The person I was looking for revealed herself to me. Her eyes wide in fear, lips quivering. “N-no…it can’t be…”
I chuckled. “It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it, Moon? Surely you haven’t forgotten about me. How’d that spell work out for you?”