Week of Geek: Zombie Horror Films without that pesky R rating

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Happy October Geeklings!

Finally one of my favorite months has arrived!  The month of all things spooky.  When it is perfectly acceptable to binge watch scary movies and TV shows, read ghost stories by a fire, and wear bat bows in your hair (full disclosure: I’m wearing bat bows in my hair).

This year, VPL is taking spooky to a whole new level on October 15th with “A Night to Dismember”.

A night to dismember

You guys like formal wear?  You like having a party with pizza and dancing?  You like having open wounds and rotting flesh and blood everywhere (not literally of course, but you know).  Then you’ll want to sign up for our first Zombie Prom, where you can dress up as undead prom goers and show off your ghoulish makeup and costumes while having tons of scary fun.  Even if you don’t live near the Pleasant Ridge Library any teen can come, so give us a call or stop by and sign up today!

One way to really get in the mood is to watch zombie movies.  That’s totally a given, right?  But one thing I noticed when trying to find movies for past teen movie programs is that A LOT of famous zombie movies are rated R or 18+.  This is somewhat understandable, what with all the blood and guts and violence and whatnot, but somewhat annoying for the younger viewer who wants that but not to such extremes.

Well, have no fear, ’cause I’m here to help!  Here are a few suggestions for some 14A or PG-13 zombie films that’ll get you psyched for October 15th and Halloween in general.

Warm Bodies – A zombie romance?  Wha?  It’s true.  Based on the book by Isaac MarionWarm Bodies tells the story of R, a zombie with no identity and a ‘life’ of shuffling and eating, until he meets Julie, who may be the key to awakening something inside of him he thought he lost long ago.

World War Z – Also based on a book (or at least inspired by it), World War Z follows a United Nations employee as he tries to stop a zombie pandemic.  And he’s played by Brad Pitt.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Our friend Sarah put up an awesome post on this film already, so click that link, but I’ll just leave the trailer right here.

Paranorman – Yes, technically this is a ‘kids movie’, but honestly, there’s not much very kiddie about it.  Norman is a boy who can see ghosts, and therefore is tasked with stopping a witch from raising the dead to wreak havoc on his historic town.  The stop-motion animation is gorgeous, the themes are very adult and so is a lot of the humor.  Give it a shot.

Z Nation – Moving on to TV shows, here’s one from the SyFy channel that Wikipedia describes as, and I quote, an “action/horror/comedy-drama/post-apocalyptic” series.  Three years after a zombie plague destroyed the world, survivors must transport the only known survivor of a zombie bite from New York to California, where they hope to use his antibodies as a cure.  As you can expect, chaos ensues.

iZombie – Based somewhat on the DC comic series, iZombie is about Liv Moore, a medical resident who adapts to her newfound zombie status by taking a job at a morgue, where she eats the brains of murder victims.  But when she eats someone’s brains, she absorbs their memories, which allows her to help solve their murders.  Win win.  Sorta.

There you have it.  Place a hold on these items today and get inspiration for your costumes (costumes are not required for A Night to Dismember, but they are very much encouraged.  We will be choosing a zombie king and queen based on costumes).  Any titles that didn’t make the list that you think should’ve?  Post away!  Stay tuned next week when I’ll be listing zombie-themed YA novels, and until next time, End of Line.

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