Week of Geek: More Teen-Friendly Horror Films (not just zombies this time!)

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Hi again Geeklings!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out for the Zombie Prom last Saturday night!  A great time was had by all, the costumes were awesome and the vibe was kickin’.  Thank you all so much!

So since it’s still the month of macabre, I know some of you are still looking for scary movies to watch.  Let’s face it, that is the quintessential Halloween activity after you get too old to Trick or Treat; to gather ’round with friends and popcorn (or whatever munchies you like) and pretend you’re not scared silly by the onscreen antics of various monsters and victims of questionable intelligence.

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Horror as a genre has had it’s own fandom for ages, and Hollywood loves to release films that cater to horror fans, especially this time of year.

But, as I mentioned before, there’s one thing that often stands in between your average teen and a good, scary film… the dreaded R rating (or 18A in Canada).  For those who are unfamiliar, an R or 18A rating means anyone younger than 18 has to be with a parent or adult in the theater while watching the movie.  In our library, a Restricted item can only be signed out by an adult library card.

Well, never fear, Ali is here!  As I did a couple weeks back for zombie films, let me brush through all that rating nonsense and suggest a few scary films that are PG-13 or 14A; in other words, teen friendly!  Or, ya know, as friendly as a scary movie can get.

The Boy and Annabelle: We’ll start off with a two-fer that both operate under the same universal truth; Dolls Be Scary.  It’s true!  Have you ever heard of Robert?  All the better for you if you haven’t (but listen to this episode of Lore… actually just listen to Lore in general).  Anyway, Franz and Annabelle are both prime examples of that.  Maybe put any and all dolls you might have away before watching these two.

The Possession: This is another one that was inspired by a true story.  This film takes it’s cues from the story of the Dybbuk Box, is directed by master horror director Sam Raimi and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who you might recognize from the show Supernatural (more on that in a bit).

Carrie: While the original film (based on a Stephen King novel) is rated R, this 2013 remake about the tormented telekinetic teenager is 14A, so have at it.  But, as you can probably guess, things don’t really go that well for Carrie or her classmates… lets just say you’ll never look at prom the same way again.

The Woman in Black: From legendary British horror production company Hammer comes this period ghost story starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself!)  Spooky atmosphere abounds.

The Lost Boys: This is an oldie but a goodie.  Kids move to new town, new town has a serious vampire problem, but they’re vampires who dress in the 1980s equivalent of cool clothes, so there’s that.  Still, they need to be defeated, as you do.

Supernatural: I wanted to include one TV show on this list, and what better one than this?  The adventures of Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley and company just started it’s 12th season on TV, and we’ve got all the previous seasons in the collection so get ready to hunt some serious evil.

So that’ll get you started.  Any favorites I’ve left out?  Post away.

Halloween is almost here Geeklings!  Keep your eyes peeled for more spooky stuff, and until next time, End of Line.


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