The Hunger Games – can’t wait!!!!

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Wup wup peeps!!! The full trailer for the much anticipated movie adaption of the first of the Hunger Games trilogy has arrived….and it looks positively GLORIOUS!!!!!

….are you ready for it??

5 Responses to “The Hunger Games – can’t wait!!!!”

  1. J.P. Says:

    while you are waiting for March to arrive, may I suggest putting your name on hold for Legend by Marie Lu – the library should be getting several copies very soon!

  2. readingwench Says:

    I’m pretty excited. I was left a little cold with the first teaser trailer but this has put my worries to bed. Also a good read if you liked this series is The Maze Runner by James Dashner

  3. Vee Says:

    Agreed….that teaser didn’t do much to assuage my fears of them not screwing up the adaptation. But it looks solid, i’ve got to say – but still, I REALLY don’t like the guy they chose for Peeta.. =(

  4. readingwench Says:

    I think Katniss is totally perfect, but yeah, I’m reserving judgement on Peeta. I’m not against him, but I also don’t currently think he’s the perfect match.

  5. Vee Says:

    Totally! I was at first hesitant about Jennifer being chosen (to be honest, because she’s a bit too healthy looking and curvey to play scrawny, somewhat malnourished Katniss), but after seeing the first release of pics earlier in the spring, was sold on her.

    …I think I would have prefered either Lucas Till or Hunter Parrish for Peeta, out of the contenders……