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Hi Everyone!

Well, this year’s Teen Challenge comes to a close today.  It’s been quite the ride.  Nine weeks with 36 challenges and you guys met them head on, completing over 300 between you!  BRAVO!

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Even though today is the last day, we still have one more fun thing for you guys, because lets face it, you earned it.  Tomorrow night (the 25th) we’re hosting an after-hours event at the Pierre Berton Resource Library.  A few weeks ago we asked our Teen Challenge participants to vote on a theme, and the theme for 2018 is (drumroll)… ESCAPE ROOMS!  Oh, you guys are gonna be SO trapped!

So not only will we have escape rooms we’ll also have video games, a button maker, a green screen, board games, snacks AND prizes!  It’s going to be super fun!

You can sign up over at Eventbrite.  Hope we see you guys there!  And get any last challenges in by today!  Those headphones are still up for grabs!

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Hi again everybody!  Welp, this is it!  Last week of Teen Challenge 2018.  How’s it been?  Everyone having fun?  Enjoying the summer?

Our last theme is getting regal.  We’re looking at Royal Fantasies and Twisted Fairytales.  We’re going to feel fancy, fantastical and a little… off.

One more week to get those challenges in and get your names in the draw!  August 25th is the night of the End of Summer Party (I know right?  Summer over?  NOOOOOOOOOOO!)  It takes place at the Pierre Berton Library from 7 – 11:30pm.  Hope you can make it!

Enjoy the last week and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Hi Everybody!  Getting close to the finish line for the Teen Challenge.  You guys excited for the party on the 25th?  Mark your calendars!

This week’s theme is a bit of a heavy one; Coming of Age.  That time in everyone’s life when you transition from a kid to an adult.  *wistful sigh*

So look for those challenges and get your names in the draw!  Have fun!