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Week of Geek: Food, glorious food!

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Hi again Geeklings!  How’s the summer going?  Reading those books for TSRC?  Make sure to register and log in to keep those pages coming and increase your chances to win that GoPro.  We believe in you!  And check out the WriteIt site while you’re at it.

So, you know what I like?  Food.  You know what a lot of people like?  Food.  You know what a lot of people also like?  Fandoms.  So a lot of fandoms feature food.  Specific food.  Special food.  Food that may not ever be completely and perfectly replicated in real life but that hasn’t stopped many fans from trying.

Let us count the ways…

Cookie Cat – He’s a pet for your tummy!  He’s super duper yummy!  *sad voice from out of nowhere* He left his family behind!  Now available at Gurgens off Route 109.  So the jingle goes in one of the first episodes of Steven Universe about the title character’s favorite treat; an ice cream sandwich shaped like a cat.  It’s one of those treats that give you that warm, happy feeling.  We could all of use a Cookie Cat every now and then.

Pork Cutlet Bowls – Known in Japan as Katsudon, this is Yuri Katsuki’s favorite dish on Yuri!!! on Ice, and the inspiration for his Eros skating routine.  Yes, really.  It even inspires the grandfather of fellow skater Yuri Plisentsky to create a katsudon-inspired pirozhki, which is a Russian staple.  Yay for fusion cuisine!

ALL THE FOOD featured in Miyazaki films – The movies of Studio Ghibli are famous for the various delicious edibles you see animated on the big screen.  Too many to list here, but here’s a helpful article from Buzzfeed that you can peruse, with links to recipes so you can try to cook them yourself.  Eat up!

Pie – Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester loves many things.  His family.  His friends.  His car.  But one true love that will never die is his love of pie.  A love we can all share.

Fish Fingers and Custard – Combining fish sticks with a dessert sauce.  A weird one, admittedly, but a big part of the 11th Doctor’s persona, as it was the first food he discovered after his regeneration that he liked (getting used to new taste buds is hard you guys).

Butterbeer and various pumpkin foods – Butterbeer is awesome, no matter what recipe you use, and it’s no surprise the wizards of Harry Potter all enjoy it.  But, a personal favorite of mine from the books is the pumpkin treats.  I LOVE using pumpkin in baking!  All-year-round but especially in the fall!  Pumpkin cookies are my favorite!  So kudos to wizardkind for apparently agreeing with me.

Lembas Bread – Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings all love their comfort foods.  But for the adventurer, Lembas bread is the way to go, as one bite can keep you full for a whole day, so you don’t need to bring much of it.  Travel light.

Turkish Delight – How often do YOU betray your family for something sweet?  Hopefully not often, but this sugary treat (which is a little obscure in our neck of the woods, and a bit more common in Europe) had Edmund Pevensie siding with the vicious White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeConfections have rarely been so devious.

Spiced Warm Milk – If you’re not lucky enough to live in one of the wealthier parts of the Hunger Games‘ Panem, your food options are scarce and simple.  Little milk, little spice, heat it up, surprisingly satisfying.  Gotta enjoy the little things.

So there’s a few examples.  What are some of your favorites?  Post away below!

And if you’re looking to try your hand at a few recipes I’ve got a list of nerdy-themed cookbooks.

But there’s more!  Here’s another list from our friend Sarah.

And one from our friend Michel for some good, old-fashioned comfort food.  It’s hard not to love comfort food.  It’s so comforting!

So eat up Geeklings!  (But don’t overdo it.  Too much of anything is never good.)  Keep having fun this summer and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek: In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s go to Hillywood!

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Hiya Geeklings!  Happy International Women’s Day!  Whether a woman, a girl, or a fan of both, today’s the day to celebrate how far we’ve come and the strides we’ve made.  For a couple of books to take a look at click here and here.

Today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to focus on two sisters who, while they may not be changing the world per se, have taken something they love and have created a huge presence online with it.  Their YouTube page has almost 1.3 million followers and their latest video has almost that many views in just five days.

Who’m I talkin’ ’bout?  Hilly and Hannah Hindi and their channel The Hillywood Show.  What do they do?  Parodies of their favorite fandoms in the form of elaborate musical numbers based on popular songs and featuring seriously awesome cosplay and terrific production values.

Observe: Their latest video that combines Lady Gaga with Suicide Squad.

OH MY GOSH!  THE COSTUMES!  AND LOOK HOW MUCH EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE THEIR CHARACTERS!  AND THE DANCE NUMBERS!  You gotta hand it to them, they is talented, and for fans of these fandoms these videos are fun and squee worthy.

How about a few more examples?  A few of my favorites include a Taylor Swift ode to Supernatural with with MANY surprise guests at the end.

Or how about one where Middle Earth meets Frozen?

Here’s one where Hocus Pocus mashes with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And the Doctor gets a little help from Rocky Horror.

And this last vid isn’t a parody, but I like it.  It’s the girls going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and fangirling all over the place.

You can find more of their videos on their YouTube page (parodying Potter, The Hunger Games, SherlockPirates of the Caribbean, etc), and you can read about how this whole thing came to be in this article at Geek and Sundry.

I guess the lesson to take away from the Hindi sisters and today in general is that women are, and always have been, capable of amazing things.  Whether it’s something as earth shattering as a new invention or something that creates as much joy as a musical parody, it’s always great to take a moment to realize that women, and people in general, can accomplish almost anything so long as the drive, the hard work and the love are there.

Stay awesome geeklings, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek: More Teen-Friendly Horror Films (not just zombies this time!)

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Hi again Geeklings!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out for the Zombie Prom last Saturday night!  A great time was had by all, the costumes were awesome and the vibe was kickin’.  Thank you all so much!

So since it’s still the month of macabre, I know some of you are still looking for scary movies to watch.  Let’s face it, that is the quintessential Halloween activity after you get too old to Trick or Treat; to gather ’round with friends and popcorn (or whatever munchies you like) and pretend you’re not scared silly by the onscreen antics of various monsters and victims of questionable intelligence.

Image result for supernatural gif

Horror as a genre has had it’s own fandom for ages, and Hollywood loves to release films that cater to horror fans, especially this time of year.

But, as I mentioned before, there’s one thing that often stands in between your average teen and a good, scary film… the dreaded R rating (or 18A in Canada).  For those who are unfamiliar, an R or 18A rating means anyone younger than 18 has to be with a parent or adult in the theater while watching the movie.  In our library, a Restricted item can only be signed out by an adult library card.

Well, never fear, Ali is here!  As I did a couple weeks back for zombie films, let me brush through all that rating nonsense and suggest a few scary films that are PG-13 or 14A; in other words, teen friendly!  Or, ya know, as friendly as a scary movie can get.

The Boy and Annabelle: We’ll start off with a two-fer that both operate under the same universal truth; Dolls Be Scary.  It’s true!  Have you ever heard of Robert?  All the better for you if you haven’t (but listen to this episode of Lore… actually just listen to Lore in general).  Anyway, Franz and Annabelle are both prime examples of that.  Maybe put any and all dolls you might have away before watching these two.

The Possession: This is another one that was inspired by a true story.  This film takes it’s cues from the story of the Dybbuk Box, is directed by master horror director Sam Raimi and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who you might recognize from the show Supernatural (more on that in a bit).

Carrie: While the original film (based on a Stephen King novel) is rated R, this 2013 remake about the tormented telekinetic teenager is 14A, so have at it.  But, as you can probably guess, things don’t really go that well for Carrie or her classmates… lets just say you’ll never look at prom the same way again.

The Woman in Black: From legendary British horror production company Hammer comes this period ghost story starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself!)  Spooky atmosphere abounds.

The Lost Boys: This is an oldie but a goodie.  Kids move to new town, new town has a serious vampire problem, but they’re vampires who dress in the 1980s equivalent of cool clothes, so there’s that.  Still, they need to be defeated, as you do.

Supernatural: I wanted to include one TV show on this list, and what better one than this?  The adventures of Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley and company just started it’s 12th season on TV, and we’ve got all the previous seasons in the collection so get ready to hunt some serious evil.

So that’ll get you started.  Any favorites I’ve left out?  Post away.

Halloween is almost here Geeklings!  Keep your eyes peeled for more spooky stuff, and until next time, End of Line.


Week of Geek: It’s Supernatural Day! Eat some Pie!

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What’s up Geeklings?

So yes, today is a special day.  For quite some time, fans of the TV show Supernatural have used September 13 as an unofficial day of celebration for what has now been declared the longest running genre series on television.  Welp, that day has just got official y’all!

Before I explain, let me bring you up to speed on what the heck this is.  Supernatural first premiered on Sept 13 2005 (hence fans claiming it) on an American network which was then called The WB.  The show revolves around 2 brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who reunite after a brief period apart to track down their missing father.  Sam and Dean are not your typical 20 somethings, natch.  Since the death of their mother (when Sam was only a baby) by something otherworldly, their father had raised them to be ‘hunters’; basically, they track down supernatural threats and stop them.  And while searching for their dad, Sam and Dean end up picking up where he left off with the ‘family business’.

Soooooo that was 11 years ago… and as you can probably guess, A LOT has happened since then.  They’ve met angels and demons, gathered allies and enemies along the way, died and come back a few times, spent time in hell, stopped world-conquering evil and their own figurative and literal demons and… yeesh, a lot, ok?  I’m actually super behind on episodes.  I stopped watching regularly around season 4, due to school and whatnot.  I’ve been keeping somewhat up to date through Pinterest and other sites.  There’s some very dedicated and amazing fans out there, and their fanart is a real testament to the love around this show.


This year, the CW, the current network to host the show (you can find it on Space in Canada), has decided to get in on the action of Supernatural Day and make it official.  The Hunters have been acknowledged, people!

So though there’s a lot to catch up on, many fans say it’s well worth it.  Horror fans find a lot to love here, as do fans of gorgeous guys (and let’s face it, they’re gorgeous).  But one of the biggest takeaways from this series is the theme of family.  Though the Winchesters are (to quote Stitch here) little and broken, Sam and Dean are fiercely loyal to and protective of each other, which is a must of you’re going after this kind of evil.  And their family grew as the series did, to include family friend Bobby Singer, angel Castiel (a personal favorite character of mine, tied with Dean; my future sister in law named her cat ‘Cas’ after him), mother/daughter hunter team Ellen and Jo Harvelle, geek girl extraordinaire Charlie Bradbury (played by real-life geek girl extraordinaire Felicia Day) and others.

And while the show is terrifying and gut wrenching, it’s also funny.  And they have fun behind the scenes too…

So if you want to give the Winchesters a chance, put a hold on season 1 here.  Then season 2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  AND 11.  Season 12 starts on October 13, check local listings.  And we have books too, because of course we do.

Grab a big slice of pie to celebrate Geeklings, whichever’s your favorite (mine’s pumpkin; ’tis the season!), make sure you’ve salted your perimeters and until next time, End of Line.