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In the Jungle?

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Heya peoples!

Sooo, just found this little bit for your entertainment purposes……enjoy!

Just Listen

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Just Listen cover imageAnnabel Greene has always been known as the girl with the perfect life. She is a model, is popular and even seems to have the perfect family. Behind closed doors though, her family is far from it. Dealing with an older sister having an eating disorder and becoming an outcast in school due to a heartbreaking event that occurred during the end of the school year party, among other things, becomes a huge burden on Annabel causing the once bright girl to disappear. Then enters Owen Armstrong, he hates liars, is music obsessed and has always been determined to tell the absolute truth. When they meet, they become friends and soon become more and he starts to become the inspiration she needs to get through. He teaches her about true music and being truthful. But when things get hard and everything starts to fall apart will she once again hide behind her walls or will she fight, just listen to herself and open up about what really happened at the end of the year party that changed everything for her.

Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen will make your heart ache. It will make you laugh, smile, cry and fall in love with Annabel and Owen’s relationship. To me after reading all of Dessen’s books, Just Listen is truly one of her best works.

I remember borrowing this a few years back from the library and after reading it the story really stuck to me. I personally never get attached to a fictional story but with a story like this, I couldn’t help it. This story is loaded with emotion which hit you in the right spots. I have pretty much memorized half of this book because of how many times I have found myself reaching for it and reading it over and over again. I actually ended up purchasing the book for myself despite having borrowed it from the library multiple times.

I must warn you though that it may not be the best book for a younger audience so when you see Just Listen under the Young Adults section it means teens or adults that can handle mature and serious subject matters. Also I have heard many people comparing it to Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak. Honestly, I can see where some would find similarities but having read both books I can tell you that they definitely are not the same but if you like one, you are sure to like the other.

Aside from that I do highly recommend this book to readers and I have also talked many of my friends into reading it and they have all fallen in love with it just like I have. I think its safe to say that of all books I have read in my life, this is one that many others and I will still remember 40 or even 50 years from now. Just Listen is one of those books that you simply cannot pass by.

A change in pace….musical interlude, anyone?

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Heya peoples!  How’s life?  Good, I trust?  Just figured I’d drop you a line and see what’s what in the world of you =)

Soo, it’s just about March – already a month in to second semester!  Wow, time sure does fly, huh?  I just realized yesterday that the Oscars are coming up – this Sunday (March 2), should be for an interesting show…we’ll see if poor Leo finally gets his Oscar!  Has anyone seen any of the other flicks up for nomination?  I’m kinda assuming that 12 Years a Slave is walking away with Best Movie, but we shall see!  It seems like another given is Best Song, and it would seem that that particular title is likely going to Frozen’s “Let it Go” (personally, I quite enjoy this cover).

Annnnnywho, I recently came across this little gem and loved it so much I wanted to share it with you!!

Music Minute: Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

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Music Minute Bugs Bunny LogoGreetings and Salutations!

Welcome to 2014! Instead of our usual program of clever musical intellect today Music Minute is going to dish out something that tickles the funny bone as well as gets those toes a-tapping!

Over a decade ago filmmaker Peter Jackson brought to J.R.R. Tolkien’s work to life on the big screen with the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Hobbits, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, creepy Grim Reaper wannabe’s on mini-dragons, giant flaming Eyeballs….the stuff of creative legend.

Howard Shore, the musical genius behind the film scores, gave the movies their iconic anthems that have rallied fans for years. It is impossible to not strike a majestic pose when listening to the Fellowship theme or long for the Shire when concerning about hobbits. Those songs have a magic to them that transports those listening into Middle Earth every single time.

Like all things with a cult fan following the Lord of the Rings has a huge broad-based fandom throughout the internet. And where fans gather pop culture references will be made. One of the most memorable of these hilarious references is the Legolas “Taking the Hobbits to Isengard” remix. Call me aged but I remember when this first hit the web stream. I fell off my chair laughing and listened to it on repeate for days. Nearly ten years later the song still holds fond memories and has made it into a must-have-dance-in-the-aisles Ringtone for any Ringer fan.

Pop culture icons live on even when the general fan hype has dwindled. But like all musical scores in the fanverse, they are never forgotten.

Don’t believe me?

With the release of the new Hobbit Trilogy currently underway the man who made it all possible has not forgotten the fans or the fandom. This was a behind the scenes shout-out to all Ringers past, present, and future to let them know that they are loved and appreciated for all of their dedication and strange quirks.

And after all this time…Orlando Bloom still rocks the black eyebrows with blonde hair combo.

Gandalf Meme

Bring on 2014!

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Hey everyone!!!!  Wowzer, well I’m going to say that 2013 went by realllllllll fast like.  Like really, really.  Definitely an interesting year, I’d say!  Much wow. Very 2013.

It seems kind of like with tech and the online world going as ballistic as it has been (and speeding up, no less!), that these past few years we’ve pretty much been seeing the viral world constantly trying to outdo itself.  Which of course has then provided us with countless hours of entertainment as we sit and stare blindly at our lovely screens, be they computers, tablets, or phones….

And, to celebrate the craziness (and also to celebrate the new year…and the fact that we all have power once more (YAY electricity!!!), allow me to present a year in review, courtesy of YouTube:

Catch all those references???? (and recognize the faces???) That lovely combo included a whole ton of the big hitters from trending videos in 2013. Haven’t seen some of the vids before? Take a look here for the playlist of the top 10 trending videos in Canada over 2013.

Oh, and of course, cause I love it so muchly, in case you haven’t stumbled across this, our dear Pharrell Williams (oh, Nerd, you are so young at face! Seriously! He seems to be aging backwards!!), put together a 24 hour music video of his song Happy.

And lastly, because I uberly much loved this movie – waaaaaayyyyyy better than the first installment – Ed Sheeran’s awesomely spectacular end credit song for The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug:

And that should get things going nicely, I think. Bring on 2014!!