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Week of Geek: Pride Month Part 1! LGBTQ Characters in Comics!

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Hiya Geeklings!

It’s June!  Summer is pretty much official, though it probably won’t seem that way until after school’s over (hang in there, it’s coming!)

But you know what else June is?  Pride Month!  That’s right, a whole month for everyone on the rainbow to celebrate love in all it’s forms, how far gay rights have come and who we all are as people.  And I thought I’d take the opportunity to, over the next few weeks, celebrate the characters in books, comics, TV shows and movies that have inspired us and have represented the real-life struggles and triumphs the LGBTQ community has endured.  And today I’d like to start with comics.  I like comics.

Plus, I went and saw Wonder Woman this last weekend (YOU GUYS!  DC FINALLY MADE A REALLY GOOD MOVIE!  WW WAS AWESOME!)  And did you guys know Wonder Woman is queer?  WHA?

People had long suspected that she may be a lesbian, or maybe bisexual.  But recently in the DC Rebirth storyline Year One, it was confirmed that the Amazons of Themyscira are completely open to same-sex relationships.  Which totally makes sense when you think about it.  They’ve lived without men for centuries.  Why wouldn’t they be open to coupling with each other?  For them it’s a non-issue.

So that’s huge!  Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic superheroes in comics, and to have her represent the Kinsey scale, even in a small capacity, is great for representation as a whole.  But she is definitely not the first LGBTQ character in DC comics, as this video they released a couple of years back points out…

Batwoman, Midnighter, Apollo, Catwoman, Renee Montoya, John Constantine, and now Wonder Woman, plus many more.

Not to be outdone, Marvel has it’s share of LGBTQ characters.  Characters like Hulking, Wiccan, Miss America (all Young Avengers), Rictor, Shatterstar (X-Factor), Northstar, Iceman, Karma (all X-Men), Mystique, Daken, even Loki… they’re all on the rainbow.

But it’s not just superheroes either, not by a long shot.  For instance, while Kevin Keller has long been the first LGBTQ character in Archie comics, longtime character Jughead recently came out as asexual.  Many fans were disappointed when the live-action show Riverdale seemed to veto this, but, thus far, the comic version of Jughead has remained one of the few ace characters in fiction.


And lets not forget Manga!  Yaoi and Yuri fiction have long portrayed same sex relationships, but some of those are a little… adult.  For a more teen friendly look, try Ouran High School Host Club, that features a gender fluid main character, or Sailor Moon, where Sailors Neptune and Uranus are a canon couple…

Side Note: I recently discovered that in the original anime series of Sailor Moon that I watched when I was younger, one of the villains named Zoisite, who had been portrayed as a woman in the English dub I saw, was actually a man in the original Japanese series, which puts the romantic relationship the character had with fellow villain Malachite in a whole new light.  This was a 90s kids tv show, so it does not surprise me that the North American dubs would’ve switched things around. End Side Note

…or Azumanga Daioh, which features a gay character.  I’m still feeling my way around manga, so if I’m missing any post away in the comments section.

So there’s a very brief overview.  Anyone I left out?  Anything I’m missing?  Post away!

Stay tuned during the next few weeks for more of our favorite geeky and proud characters, series and titles.  If you’re looking for Real Life info about LGBTQ issues and questions, we’ve got a list for that

Also check out Rainbow Youth York and York Pride Fest.

Thanks guys.  Good luck with final exams and projects, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek Breaking News: First trailer for Thor: Ragnarok! Break out the Zeppelin!

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Brace yourselves Geeklings!  Not too far behind our first look ever, we’ve got a first trailer!  Commence screaming with all your fangirl/fanboy might in 3, 2…


So many questions!  What happened to Mjolnir?  What happened to Asgard?  As Thor himself asks; “How did this happen?”  What’s the deal with Hela?  How does Loki fit in?  What’s with the Gladiator-type stuff?  How about the Hulk?  How did that happen?

Seriously though, when the Hulk showed up!  *SQUEAL*  “He’s a friend from work!”  Classic!

How about the fonts, with the neon colors and zooming across the screen?  Makes me think of those Sci Fi movies from a few decades ago (yeah, I know, I’m old)… which is probably totally on purpose, given they used a song from a huge 70s band.  Trying to go for a Guardians feel here?

And speaking of which, they FINALLY made use of “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.  That song has references to Norse mythology all through it.  I’m surprised they only brought it out now for something Thor-related.

What do we think Marvel Fans?  Awesome?  Meh?  Are we liking where this is going?  Post away!

Check out my last post on Thor to put holds on his movies (and to read more of my fangirling).  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and until next time, End of Line.

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Week of Geek Breaking News (Again): Trailers for Spider-Man Homecoming and Valerian!

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Tony and Peter #spidermanhomecoming:

Hi again Geeklings!

Hot on the heels of this past weekend’s big trailer release for DC, Marvel/Sony has decided it won’t be outdone and posted a new trailer for this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is Spidey’s first solo movie under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner (coming after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and before Thor: Ragnarok this year).  Check it out!


We first saw this version of Peter Parker in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, and it looks like Peter’s got the being-a-hero bug (is that a thing?  I think that’s a thing.)  But he’ll have his work cut out for him with villain The Vulture, family/school life and a trying-to-be-protective Tony Stark.  Nothing your average teen with spider powers can’t handle, right?  Right?

And speaking of comic books being turned into films, here’s one you may not have heard of.  Just today we got a trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.  This is based on a French Graphic Novel series called Valerion and Laureline (see their French site here).  These two teens are Spatio-Temporal Service agents, and they protect the worlds of the Terran Empire against rogue time travelers and other threats.  Why only Valerian got top billing in this film adaptation I don’t know, but the movie does look pretty cool.  Take a look.

Right?  It’s super pretty.  I’d give it a shot, but what do you guys think?  Any interest at all?  And how stoked (or not) are you for Spider-Man?  Post away.

And, just for fun, one last thing; fan-favorite animated show Gravity Falls had a bit of a reunion this week.  Kristen Schaal, who voices Mabel Pines (and also Louise on Bob’s Burgers), and Jason Ritter, who voices Dipper Pines, came together for an ‘infomercial’ to promote the show’s new book.  And, as any fan would expect, there are plenty of sweaters and conspiracy theories to go around.

You can put a hold on Journal 3 here, sans sweaters or lock boxes.

Thanks guys.  Stay tuned and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek Breaking News: First look at Thor Ragnarok

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Hi again Geeklings!

Some exciting news!  Entertainment Weekly, which is one of the flagships of pop culture magazines, is doing a cover story this week with a first look at the next Thor movie, November 3rd’s (day before my birthday!) Thor: Ragnarok (which, I must point out, is the THIRD Marvel movie we’re getting this year, when usually we only get two; Ragnarok comes after May 5th’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and July 7th’s Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Now, brace yourself, because Thor’s… had a bit of a makeover.


Seriously, what?  His long hair has been a part of his look since the beginning!  It’s so viking!  What?!

Another serious point to ponder; where’s Mjolnir?  His hammer?  He’s got two awesome-looking swords, and that’s awesome, but where’s his hammer?  *GASP*  Has Thor at some point since we last saw him become… unworthy?  Say it ain’t so!  Don’t make me post the screaming-robot-in-the-rain pic again!

OK, moving on.  We’ve got 2 newbies in the cover; Cate Blanchett as Hela and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.  So cool!

And over the last 24 hours we’ve had more pics posted online.  Let’s look!

That’s Jeff Goldblum on the left as the Grandmaster.  Another pic of Thor on the right, looking ready to throw down.

Mark Ruffalo is back as Bruce Banner/The Hulk!  Benedict Cumberbatch will also be back as Doctor Strange (HEE HEE!)

But here’s my big question… what of my beloved Loki?  One of my most favorite of villains?  The one who forced the Avengers together in the first place?  One we haven’t seen in far too long?  OH NO, DID HE CUT HIS HAIR TOO?!


I know he’s murderous and evil, but look at that face!  He looks happy!  It melts my fangirl heart!

So what do we think Geeklings?  We excited?  Do we like Thor’s new look?  Do we like the colorful look of the film in general?  Who are we excited to see again?  Who are we excited to meet?  Post away!

In the meantime, we have previous Marvel Movies and Marvel Shows for your enjoyment.  For Thor’s arc, you’ll want this, this, this and this (in that order).  And put a hold on Doctor Strange if you haven’t yet (keep an eye out for the end-credits scenes, *wink wink nudge nudge*)

Stay tuned for more Marvel news.  Let’s end off with this vid.  Yes, it’s from all the way back in 2013, but it’s still AWESOME and it’ll tide us over until we get a Ragnarok trailer.  Until next time, End of Line.