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Week of Geek: Your 2018 SDCC Trailer Round Up

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Hiya Geeklings!

So this past weekend was San Diego Comic Con, and as per usual we got a ton of news coming out of California on some of our favorite fandoms.  So today I thought I’d let them do the talking and post some of the new trailers that you guys might be interested in <3


Marvel’s Cinematic Universe didn’t have any panels or announcements this year (probably because they’re avoiding spoilers for the last Infinity War film) so that gave DC and Warner Bros a chance to shine.  We got our first trailer for this December’s Aquaman.  We first met the Atlantean royalty in previous films like Batman v Superman and Justice League but now he headlines his own film, and it’s looking pretty epic.

DC also unveiled a trailer for this April’s SHAZAM!.  If you guys aren’t familiar, Shazam is a long-running DC superhero (he used to be called Captain Marvel until Marvel Comics put a stop to that).  His alter ego is Billy Batson, a kid who becomes an adult superhero when he shouts SHAZAM, the name of a wizard who imparts his powers to him and an acronym for Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury, all Greek gods and heroes (comics are weird but wonderful, aren’t they?).

This looks like a lot of fun, which is something the DCEU has not been known for lately.  Aquaman looks like it’s going for a more playful tone too, so hopefully that will continue.  These movies are supposed to be fun after all.

To get caught up check out the previous DCEU films.

Warner Bros also released our latest look at the Wizarding World with a new trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

I’m torn about this one, as I mentioned in a previous post.  Still looks amazing and I love this franchise and a lot of these characters so much but man, those two big problems are hard to get past.  We’ll have to see.  But, of course, we’ve got a perfect excuse to watch the other Wizarding World films (not like we really needed one)…

And we’ve got some monster movie fun for you with Godzilla: King of the Monsters.  If you’ve been watching Stranger Things you might recognize the star.


The new Doctor is getting ready to make her debut and this new series looks delightful.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming back!  This was a big surprise at the Con this year.  Fans of the original series had hoped there’d be more episodes, as the show hadn’t really ended the way it was intended too, but there was no real indication that was happening… until the 10 year anniversary panel and this trailer was screened.  Fans are over the moon!  Plus we have the new show Star Wars: Resistance coming soon as well.  Good times for Star Wars animated series.

Netflix and Dreamworks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender screened a trailer for it’s 7th season and announced that there’ll be some representation in their series by introducing Shiro’s boyfriend Adam.

And we got another look at Netflix’s new Matt Groening series Disenchantment (I’ve already hyped this one up pretty hard, take a look).

Other news

Supergirl announced that it has cast the first transgender superhero on network television.  Nicole Maines, a transgender activist and actor, will play Nia Nal, a re-imagined version of Dream Girl, in the shows fourth season.  Awesome!

And Star Wars books.  So many Star Wars booksE.K. Johnston will be returning to the galaxy far far away to pen a stand-alone novel for Padme Amidala, the queen/senator/mother of Luke and Leia that we first met in The Phantom MenaceQueen’s Shadow tells of how Padme transitions from queen to senator and how she and her loyal handmaidens must navigate the metaphorical treacherous waters of the Galactic Senate.  There’ll also be a novel by Claudia Gray about Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi and there will also be a horror comic series called Tales from Vader’s Castle.  LOVE IT!  Read the full list of announced books here.

So that’s all for now.  Anything I missed?  Post away in the comments section.  Keep your eyes peeled for more news about our own Fan Con, coming Sept 29, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek Holiday Edition: Holiday Episodes of Favorite Shows

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Hi again Geeklings!  How’s December going?  Still neck-deep in exams and projects?  Hang in there!

To help everyone get back in the holiday spirit, even though time might be a little tight, I thought this week I’d focus on holiday episodes of TV shows, which tend to be about half an hour to an hour.  There are lots of nerdy TV shows that like to indulge in some festive cheer every now and then, so let’s look at some examples…

Rick and MortyAnatomy Park” – From the first season of Cartoon Network’s crass but brilliant Sci Fi animated program.  On Christmas Day Morty discovers his grandfather Rick has created an amusement park inside the body of a man dressed as Santa.  Things do not go well for anyone and it makes for a horrifying but memorable holiday.

Phineas and FerbA Very Perry Christmas” – Phineas and Ferb want to turn their town into a giant Christmas Card to thank Santa Claus for all he’s done, but villain Doofenshmirtz has other ideas, like using a ray gun to turn the town naughty.

Doctor Who Holiday Specials – In what’s become a tradition that’s lasted quite a few years now of a special airing on Christmas Day, the Doctor has had many holiday-themed adventures in time and space.  This year’s episode “Twice Upon a Time” will mark the last appearance of Peter Capaldi before Jodie Whittaker takes over as the first female Doctor…

…but there are lots of adventures to watch in the meantime.  Might I suggest “The Runaway Bride“, “A Christmas Carol” and “The Husbands of River Song“?  There’s a full list here.

The Toy Story That Time Forgot  A great addition to the Toy Story Universe, with a whole lot of dinosaurs.

American DadThe Best Christmas Story Never“, “The Most Adequate Christmas Ever” – The Smith Family’s holidays tend to include time travel and near death experiences.  Not typical but still fun.

SupernaturalA Very Supernatural Christmas” – You wouldn’t think, with all the demons and monsters and whatnot, that Sam and Dean Winchester would have much room for the holidays, but as this touching episode proves there’s always room for some cheer.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Hearth’s Warming Eve“, “Hearthbreakers“, “A Hearth’s Warming Tail” – In the Land of Equestria, they call their holiday season Hearth’s Warming.  “Hearth’s Warming Eve” reveals the roots of the holiday, “Hearthbreakers” show how different families celebrate and “A Hearth’s Warming Tail” is a take on A Christmas Carol.

The Simpsons Holiday Episodes – There’s nearly 30 years of Simpsons episodes to look through, but if you follow those links you’ll find a couple of DVD collections of their holiday escapades.

FuturamaX-Mas Story” “A Tale of Two Santas” – One of the most irreverent takes on the holidays, Futurama introduced the character of Robot Santa, and he is NOT someone you want to come across on Xmas Eve.  Every resident of 31st Century New New York knows to be indoors before sundown the night before Xmas (that is the official name of the holiday by then, pronounced ‘Exmas’), but the Planet Express crew may be in for a chaotic holiday regardless in these two episodes.

Adventure TimeHolly Jolly Secrets Parts 1 and 2” – One holiday season in the Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake stumble across some VHS tapes, which they discover is a video diary of the Ice King.  Upon watching the tapes (which the King attempts to recover) they discover some long-hidden secrets about the King’s past.

Bob’s Burgers, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins“, “Christmas in the Car“, “Father of the Bob” – The holidays are a big deal in the Belcher household, but often times thing go hilariously awry, from an unexpected guest to a Christmas Eve quest to find a new tree to some family drama.  Watch as they find the holiday cheer amidst the madness.

So there’s a smattering to get you going.  Anything super cool I missed?  Post away in the comments section or share your own holiday thoughts on WriteIt.

Stay tuned for more holiday fun, don’t forget about our Study Hall hours if you need a place to cram, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek: VFC Fandom Countdown Part 4, our own British Invasion…

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Hi again Geeklings!  It’s week four of our Fandom Countdown.  We’re getting psyched for Vaughan Fan Con, which is just over 2 weeks away!  Click here, here and here to see parts 1, 2 and 3.

For this week we’re heading back to the UK (after our look at Harry Potter a couple weeks back).  For fandoms we sometimes have to do a little globetrotting, like with Japan last week.  But since two massive fandoms are from the UK I figured it’d be good to put them together and mention a few other favorite British exports while we’re at it.

First, let’s talk about one of the longest-running Sci Fi franchises of the modern era.  It predates Star Wars, Star Trek, and just about every other Sci Fi series you can name.  It had a bumpy start, premiering just the day after the Kennedy Assassination, and was often held back a bit by its low budget.  But, 54 years later, we still long for the time and space adventures of our favorite madman (and now madwoman) with a box.

Yup, the Doctor is in!

First airing on November 23rd, 1963, Doctor Who was meant to be a family-friendly educational program, mixing Sci Fi with history for younger viewers.  But over the last few decades it has grown into so much more.  With several doctors giving it a fresh look every few years, the show’s been able to reinvent itself while still keeping to it’s tried and true tropes; an alien travels through time and space defeating evils and setting things right while taking a few companions along for the ride.

Who has always had it’s fans, but when the show was rebooted in 2005 for a new generation it acquired quite the following.  The new series’ mix of drama, comedy, big ideas, action, adventure and much cooler special effects hit the marks for many viewers.  And even this late in the game, the show is about to hit another first, by making the 14th incarnation (if you count the War Doctor) of the Doctor a woman.

So check out our Doctor Who DVDs, Blu Rays and Books (including Graphic Novels).  All of time and space… where will you go?

Now let’s switch gears a bit to one of the other big geeky British exports, one that, in some ways, helped to define fandom as we know it and is one of the oldest examples of such a thing.  Let’s stop by Baker Street for our favorite consulting detective.

First appearing in the novel A Study in Scarlet all the way back in 1886, Sherlock Holmes has become one of the most well-known characters in history… so much so that some people don’t realize that he is a work of fiction and just assume he’s a real person.  Regardless, for most people if you ask them ‘Name a detective’ odds are they’ll say ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

He was popular back in the 19th century as well, so much so that when author Arthur Conan Doyle tried to kill him off in “The Adventure of the Final Problem”, a short story published in The Strand Magazine in 1893, there was a public outcry.  Had that happened today the outcry would likely form on the internet.  Back then fans made their disappointment known by writing letters and cancelling their subscriptions (that may seem almost quaint by our standards but it did get the message across).  Doyle would bring the character back a few years later with “The Adventure of the Empty House” but would marvel at how upset people got over a fictional character.  Clearly the power of fan outrage was still a new thing to the Victorians.  Also a new thing?  Some of the earliest examples of what we now know as fanfiction was written about Holmes.

Holmes has appeared in so many movies, TV shows and books (not all written by Doyle, some by many authors) he could have his own library.  But some would argue that what helped got modern fans back into the die-hard love was the show Sherlock.  First airing in July of 2010, this modern, smart and powerful update of the Sherlock Holmes story has earned a huge following worldwide.  And fans have had to learn to be patient, because the show only has four seasons and a special, and each season is only 3 EPISODES LONG!  Some seasons also aired up to a couple of years apart!

As much as I love shorter TV seasons, that’s a little low even for me.  Why?!

Fans have been split on how good the fourth season was, little bit on the third season too, but all agree the first two seasons are great!  Check em’ out.  And I’ve got a list of recommended reads for Sherlock and mystery fans in general.

I’ve noticed, and I’m sure other fans have noticed too, that there’s some common elements between Sherlock and Doctor Who.  Though Sherlock tends to steer clear of fantastical elements, both shows feature a hero (or sort-of-hero in Sherlock’s case) who value intellect over a lot of other things.  Both praise loyalty, friendship, curiosity and the idea that the world (or galaxy) is much bigger than one would suspect at first glance.  And both shows have delightfully bonkers villains (Moriarty and The Master).  And they share writers and show-runners too, so there’s that.  Good times.

And to wrap up, here’s a couple of other BBC or English-produced shows you may want to take a look at; Merlin, Downton Abbey (not Sci Fi or Fantasy, but man, does it have its fans), Orphan Black and Being Human (there’s an English and an American version of that show).  Anything I’ve missed?  Post in the comments!

I’ll leave you guys with this fan-made video of The Doctor and Sherlock finally meeting!  Be sure to check out our other teen programs, including Unleash Your Story and the Teen Writer’s Club, as well as our new photo contest.  Stay tuned for more Fan Con news, and until next time, End of Line.